Artist of the Month: Jill Plaut


Everyone has their own hobbies and interests, such as hiking, listening to music, or simply making casual arts and crafts projects. However, most of these things are activities we pursue for fun, and we usually don’t give them a second thought after we’ve moved on to something else. That’s not the case, however, for junior Jill Plaut, who transformed one of her favorite pastimes – art – into something that she plans on pursuing in the future.

“I think eighth grade was when I really started [art] because I was really stressed out,” Jill explained. “I kind of used that as a method of coping, and I got really into it. I eventually came to realize that pretty much everything in this world is art, and how we use different shapes and colors to create art is really cool. Some people might not think that it’s art, but I think it’s so cool how everyone sees art differently.”

Over the years, Jill has dedicated more time to her art, and her passion and enthusiasm show through all of her work. She enjoys exploring lots of painting styles, while also experimenting with drawing from time to time. “When it comes to the categories of painting, I like to try all of it,” she said. “I’m really into pop art. It’s modern and plays with shapes, geometry, and people.”

Even though she considers art to be a good way to relax, Jill always goes above and beyond to experiment with different styles and techniques.

“When I had her in painting, she was taking each thing to the next level,” Upper School creative arts teacher Katie Burnett said. “She was always working on something that she was really interested in doing, while also trying to work on her skills with something else.”

Along with famous abstract-expressionism artists like Picasso, Jill looks at mentors like Ms. Burnett as big inspirations in her life as an artist.

“Jill is a very dedicated artist,” Ms. Burnett said. “She is definitely one of those people who will dive into creating a large painting and isn’t afraid of that challenge.”

One of the main qualities Ms. Burnett tries to instill in her students is not to be afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Jill is a wonderful example of demonstrating these qualities in her art.  

Despite being a talented artist, art isn’t the only thing that Jill excels in; she is also a member of the varsity volleyball team. Jill explained that while she greatly enjoys both volleyball and art, she feels that there is no pressure in art – which often isn’t the case in volleyball – and that art is a great way to unwind after a long day. Everyone needs to take time in their day to decompress, but getting a beautiful piece of art in addition to a clear mind seems like a pretty good deal!

We know that Jill is destined for great things, and we wish her luck as she continues to build her portfolio.