Camryn Weinsten stays up to date with the latest trends while keeping her style fun and unique


Each day, freshman Camryn Weinstein comes to school dressed to impress. Camryn uses her chic style to express herself and makes sure to stay up to date on all new trends and popular brands.

Currently, natural tones and colors are “in,” and Camryn says she normally relies on basic white or black pieces to include in her outfits, as they are easy to accessorize and simple yet classy. However, Camryn also thinks it’s always important to add a pop of color to her outfits, and she loves to switch up her looks with fun colors every once in a while.  

Camryn likes to pair her more basic outfits with cardigans, as well as with statement necklaces and earrings to strengthen her looks. Camryn’s most frequented stores include Urban Outfitters, Garage, Pacsun, Lululemon, Rochelles, and Francesca’s. Her absolute favorite, though, is Urban Outfitters. “They always have such cute and practical clothes,” Camryn said, “whether that be skirts or dresses for school or loungewear to wear around the house.” To Camryn, Urban Outfitters makes for the perfect store to shop for week to weekend outfits, as she can wear more formal skirts and dresses to school during the week and then relax in loungewear on the weekends. Shopping on a budget is also important to Camryn, and she says she always makes sure she absolutely loves the clothing item before buying it.  

Camryn was hesitant to call herself a trendsetter. “I do not know if I would consider myself a trendsetter, but I would say that I like to open my options up with different trends and clothing.”

There are so many popular influencers, models, and “trendsetters” in the media today, and they all have such a unique range of fashion choices while still keeping up with what is in style at the moment. But, above all else, Camryn admires Kendall Jenner’s style, which is relaxed yet classy. Kendall goes for a basic pair of jeans and a T-shirt for her street style, and then she wears monotone mini dresses usually paired with heels or boots for her more dressed-up looks. 

In Camryn’s own life, she looks up to her mom as a role-model for fashion. “My mom inspires my outfits because she has always had great style, so I know that I can go to her for advice,” Camryn said. 

Camryn describes her fashion sense as unique, and she advises all KO students to use their outfits as a way to express themselves. “Wear what makes you feel the best,” Camryn said, “and don’t think about what others may say about your outfit.”