Dancing extraordinaire: Frank Pu wins life-changing award


Perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of KO is its award-winning dance and musical theatre program. After receiving several awards since being placed under the management of Director of Theater Kyle Reynolds, the performing arts programs at KO continue to draw in talented students who display their expertise in arts events like the fall Choreographer’s Showcase and the winter musical.
One of the students who has contributed a tremendous amount to the arts programs and has played a major role in helping win awards for KO’s dance programs is junior Frank Pu. Frank has been a distinguished member of the KO performing arts department since his time at KO began in freshman year. However, Frank has been dancing for much longer, which is evident considering his extensive skill set in different forms of dance. “I have been dancing since I was in the third grade,” he said. “I first learned hip hop, then some popping.”
Since then, dance has been a magnificent form of expression for Frank, and it is something that he truly loves.“I love dance because it brings me joy, the simplest reason that keeps me doing what I am doing,” Frank said. “Dance is a gateway for me to express my emotions.”
Frank’s unmatchable talent and passion have certainly not gone unnoticed. This year, Frank has been granted one of the most prestigious awards a high-school dancer can receive: The Dance Molinari Scholarship. Mr. Reynolds announced this award at a school assembly several weeks ago, noting that the scholarship includes 12 consecutive weeks of classes – about 35 classes – working with Broadway choreographers and professional dancers, taking advantage of free workshops, and engaging with casting directors and industry figures. If one is hoping to get into the world of the performing arts, this scholarship provides that opportunity.
Dance Molinari’s website speaks specifically to what the program is all about. “Dance Molinari is a world-renowned dance theatre company in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago training performers of all ages and skill levels in theatre, dance, improv, acrobatics, vocal performance, audition technique and more,” the website states. This scholarship will specifically provide Frank with the skills he needs to pursue a career in dance, as the scholarship “prepares aspiring performers for their debut on or off-Broadway, as well as on national tours, television, the music industry, movies, films, and commercials.”
Frank was a deserving recipient of this award, given his immense appreciation and talent for dance. He is ecstatic to be receiving such an award, specifically because he knows that it will have such an impact on his dancing career. “I feel honored that I received the reward,” Frank said. “However, I believe this scholarship is more of an encouragement for pursuing what I love to do than a recognition of my skill as a dancer.”
Frank expressed his gratitude to KO for allowing him to take advantage of extensive arts programs and take center stage. “It is not without the platform of the school that I could have a chance to become one of the candidates,” he said, “and it is because of the dance program Mr. Reynolds organized that I could be so lucky to gain the rewards.”
We are so proud of Frank and his amazing accomplishments, and we can’t see where this scholarship will take him in the future.