KO hosts alumni Breakfast event


On Thursday, Sept. 9, Kingswood Oxford hosted the Chips Off The Old Block Breakfast, a longstanding tradition that serves to celebrate new students whose parents or grandparents attended KO. 

At this very special and commemorative event, the students and their parents or grandparents were able to look at old mementos, including alumni photos and yearbooks. This gave alumni an opportunity to reminisce about the days when they, too, were students at KO. 

The organizer of the breakfast, Head of Alumni and Parent Relations Frances Morris, was overjoyed to be able to host the breakfast this year. 

β€œThis year, we celebrated two years as we weren’t able to do the breakfast last year because of COVID,” Mrs. Morris said. β€œSo this year, we celebrated and invited students who were new last year and the ones who are new this year. We had a total of 19 new students and their parents, and in some cases, grandparents. So in a few cases, we had three generations of Wyverns in the room.”

Sophomore Avery Hersh, Alexis Weinstein-Hersh β€˜91, and Leslie Chorches Weinstein β€˜66 are three generations of Wyverns. Avery, who was a new freshman last year, was invited to the breakfast this year. β€œI really enjoyed it because I got to meet some new people, including some freshmen that were new whose parents went to KO,” she said. 

Not only did Avery feel that the event introduced her to new people, but Ms. Weinstein-Hersh felt the same. β€œAvery went to KO last year, and I never went on campus once, because of COVID-19,” she said. β€œSo it was so nice, one to be on campus, and two to have the ability to be there, not only with Avery but with my mother as well, as she attended Oxford.” At their table, there were framed pictures of both Ms. Weinstein-Hersh and Ms. Chorches Weinstein in their senior years at KO and Oxford. This blast from the past made for interesting conversation and connection between their family and other groups at the breakfast.

The warmth of the KO community  and the possibility of meeting new people is what drew Avery to the event. β€œ We got a really nice invitation from [Mrs. Morris], and it was very sweet that she wanted to include us because there were no events last year,” Avery said. β€œIt’s just about the community and the small, tightness of the KO community. Everybody knows each other, and everybody’s super friendly, welcoming, and inviting.”

Overall, the event allowed for various alumni to reconnect with one another and for their children and current students at KO to meet new faces. Being back on their campus and the place that they once called a second home was an experience that brought smiles to their faces. 

The Chips Off the Old Block breakfast was a time of reflection and togetherness as alumni were able to spend time with their children in a place that means so much to them. KO will  always be a welcoming home to any student regardless of their graduation year. Mrs. Morris stands by this principle when organizing reunion events. β€œIt’s extremely important to us for our alumni to remain connected to the school and to feel like they still have a place here, are welcomed here, and are heard here,” she said. β€œWe mean it when we say: once a Wyvern, always a Wyvern.”