KO welcomes Ms. Migdal


The KO community is excited to welcome Middle School science teacher Sharon Migdal to the KO community. Ms. Migdal received her bachelor’s in science from New York University and her master’s in arts from Columbia University. Before KO, Ms. Migdal taught at a charter school in Springfield, Mass. 

At her previous school, Ms. Migdal helped to initiate Second Step, a social-emotional learning problem for younger students. The students learned how to navigate stressful situations and express their feelings. Ms. Migdal also created Circle, a similar program intended for fifth-grade students. This was a discussion-based group where students brought up any concerns they had regarding peer dynamics, school difficulty, and identity. Ms. Migdal is excited to bring these vital skills to the KO community.

In coaching Middle School volleyball, Ms. Migdal has grown to find her own love for the sport. She recently joined a league and is excited to start playing on a team. Additionally, she is applying to be a baby cuddler at the NICU and is looking forward to giving back to the community in this way. In her free time, Mr. Migdal likes to cook, read, write, and go on hikes.

Ms. Migdal hopes that she can help her students understand their impact on the world around them. “I think that when kids understand how the world works, they are more inclined to take care of it and make it better than the previous generation,” she said. She also noted the connection between science and important life skills. “Science also teaches skills that they can take with them for the rest of their lives,” she said, “such as asking good questions, doing research, analyzing data, and bridging different pieces of evidence together to draw conclusions.”

Ms. Migdal is thankful for the support she has already received from the KO community. “I absolutely love KO,” she said. “The students, faculty members and staff members have been so welcoming and so willing to help anytime I had a question about absolutely anything.” 

We are so excited to welcome Ms. Migdal, and we wish her the best of luck!