Musician of the Month: Gabrielle Abramson


Senior Gabrielle Abramson is a talented singer who has contributed greatly to Kingswood Oxford’s music program, particularly to Oxfordians and Outlook, KO’s select vocal ensembles.

Gabrielle’s first experience singing in a vocal ensemble was in elementary school. “I started in fourth grade when everybody had to join choir,” she said. “My elementary school also had special audition choirs, which I decided to join too.”

Since then, Gabrielle has grown significantly as a singer. “I feel like I’ve become more confident,” she said. “I’m able to put myself out there more in auditions and in the group.”

Director of Outlook David Baker has worked with Gabrielle in Outlook for the past two years. He also strongly feels that she has become more confident in her singing, as well as in her ability to read music. “She tackles it more willingly and with a full voice, rather than being hesitant,” he said. “I feel like she is willing to make mistakes and realizes that it’s really helpful in understanding the music and finding out where she can improve.”

Oxfordians Director Steve Mitchell agrees. “Her voice has gotten stronger,” he said. “She has a great alto range where she can really hold down the lowest part of the harmony, which is really valuable to the group.” He also feels that her ability and confidence in learning music helps the group progress at a good pace.

Mr. Baker also commented on the fact that Gabrielle has developed into a very talented alto singer. “I think that she’s more comfortable in the role of being a leading alto,” he said. “We definitely put more on her this year. I think she’s singing alto two, by herself at times. I would love to see her consider auditioning for some solos because she’s got such a great voice.”

Gabrielle has really enjoyed her experience singing in KO’s select vocal ensembles throughout her high school career. “I like being able to make music with other people,” she said. “I think singing sounds better when there are more people, such as in a capella.”

Gabrielle plans to continue singing after she graduates, whether it will be on her own or as part of an ensemble. Whatever path she chooses to pursue, we are excited to see where Gabrielle’s talents will take her!