Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ Impresses with Intriguing Characters and a Gripping Storyline


With several distinct characters, “Lupin” creates a realistic story that keeps the audience entertained. From the main character imitating a famous gentleman thief to the corrupt police chief with guilt about the results of his actions, “Lupin’s” three-dimensional story compels viewers to finish the five episodes all in one sitting.

But the one problem I have with “Lupin” is that some parts of the show aren’t fully explained. This is the case in episode three, when Arssane manages to infiltrate Gabriel Dumont’s house and plant bugs. Some of the finer details are glossed over, such as how he hacked Dumont’s Circe, a knockoff Amazon Echo. I feel that important plot pieces like this should be focused on, as it makes the story more realistic. 

The most interesting parts of the show are the heists and escapes. From stealing a necklace from the Louvre to escaping a prison, there are many different ways that Assane outwits his adversaries and moves ahead of them. One of my favorite scenes is the delivery bike getaway. Here, Assane manages to escape from the police in a public park by disguising as a delivery bike worker. As there are many workers in the park wearing the same uniform, the police are forced to chase each worker to determine which one he is masquerading as. Next, he races away from them using the bike itself, navigating through the park and dodging officers while mixing with other delivery workers to confuse them. Then, he switches to his second disguise, and while all the focus is on the delivery workers, he sneaks away unnoticed. This was an interesting scene because it revealed step by step how Assane was able to plan, set up, and execute his getaway. 

The opening scene is also incredibly exciting. Here, Assane manages to convince a group of thugs to get in on his plan to steal a necklace from the Louvre as part of his revenge. Showing how he carefully plans his heist, using his charm, intelligence, and most importantly, his determination, the show exposes his plan, piece by piece. Initially, the audience sees one plan play out and fail. Then, you see how Assane was able to deceive both his heist mates and the police by swapping necklaces. He returns  to obtain the necklace in  his job as a janitor, as he says that the museum doesn’t see them as people. All in all, “Lupin” succeeds in telling a gripping story, one in which the characters have intriguing personalities and the heists and plans are carried out to perfection. Part two picks up where part one left off, on a cliffhanger.