The creation of the Writing Center


The Writing Center, which officially opened in the Roberts Leadership Center on Oct. 19, serves to provide students with a space where they can receive assistance with their writing, whether it be for a lab report in science class or an essay in English class. English teacher Michelle Caswell is leading the Writing Center, along with 20 juniors and seniors who have stepped up to serve as writing tutors. 

Mrs. Caswell launched the Writing Center with the intent of creating a place where students feel comfortable going when they want help with their writing and are looking for ways that they can improve. “After seeing how effective the math peer tutoring program has been for the students who come to visit, but also for the peer tutors solidifying their math skills, I wanted to establish a writing center that fosters that same kind of collaboration and connections with people focused on writing,” Mrs. Caswell said. 

Mrs. Caswell outlined and solidified the goals of the Writing Center alongside the junior and senior writing tutors, as she did not want the Writing Center to be based solely on her ideas; rather, she made it a priority to work with the tutors to hear their thoughts and ideas on the role that they believe the Writing Center should play for students.

Senior Teddy Crowther became a writing tutor because he believes that it provides a great opportunity to give back to the community that has given him so much, especially over the past four years. He said he is excited to help freshmen and sophomores, in particular, gain the experience of one-on-one tutoring and to assist students in understanding what works in their writing, what doesn’t, and how they can improve.

“The new Writing Center caters to the individual strengths and weaknesses of the student’s writing, instead of putting the student in a broader setting where their needs might not feel as met as they would in the Writing Center,” Teddy said. 

Junior Tess Chapman, another tutor in the Writing Center, is glad that there is now an opportunity for her to expand on her love of writing in a way that also allows her to help those in the KO community. “I decided to be a writing tutor because I have always loved English, and this was a chance for me to connect more with my peers,” Tess said.

Senior Regina Miller said she is excited to help enhance the student body’s writing skills by becoming a writing tutor. She thinks the prospect of students improving each other’s work is a great idea and will be beneficial for everyone involved.

The Writing Center plans on having one-on-one writing sessions, as well creating a website that serves as a helpful resource for students to go to during the writing process. The Writing Center also hopes to pair each tutor with a freshman English class so that new Upper School students gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in future English classes at KO and, at the same time, form a bond with a junior or senior.

The Writing Center is sure to be a wonderful addition to KO, providing students with a useful, accessible resource whenever they need extra help, support, or encouragement with their writing.