Teddy takes a basic yet reliable approach to his attire


This month’s fashionista goes to senior Teddy Crowther. Teddy has always been very confident in both the pieces he has in his closet and in the outfits he crafts each day. He isn’t afraid to express himself during the school week, and his passion for his simple yet stylish look is certainly evident as he walks through campus. 

Teddy shops at commonly-known stores, as he likes to keep his clothing brands familiar. Though he has worn the same brands for most of his life, he loves the reliability of his wardrobe and believes it’s what makes his style unique. 

The brands Teddy wears most include Timberland, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, and Nike. Many boys at KO choose these brands because they fit the dress code requirements and have a wide range of clothing selections for any occasion and any time of year. Among these brands, Teddy likes to show off his Timberland clothes the most. “I sport Timberland boots during the winter, and my favorite flannel is a green one from them,” Teddy said. “I also have a Timberland wallet.”

Teddy admits he likes to hop on trends that he sees friends or others wearing, but he still would consider himself a trendsetter with his simple yet sophisticated style. 

Out of all the celebrities and fashion icons, Teddy credits Kanye West as true inspiration and style icon. “A famous icon I look up to is Kanye West, as I believe he has a great fashion sense and an eye for creativity,” Teddy said. 

Teddy never keeps his outfits boring and often spices them up with some rubber band bracelets, a chain, or a necklace as accessories if he is feeling up to it. Subtle accessories like these complement his outfits nicely. Teddy’s favorite color to wear is green, whether it is with jackets, shirts, or even khakis. 

During the school week, Teddy keeps it classy, and his outfits usually involve khakis and some sort of shep shirt, pull-over, or jacket. However, Teddy’s five-day outfit rotation in school varies from his weekend attire. On the weekends, Teddy goes for a more relaxed look. He purposefully wears his comfortable clothes on the weekends to save up for his outfits for the next school week. 

Teddy often shops on a budget and will find new ways to wear the same article of clothing. However, he doesn’t mind splurging on an item that he feels he will get a lot of use out of. While weather may be an important factor in deciding what to wear, Teddy makes it clear that nothing can stop his expressive and authentic style. “I have a famous saying that ‘drip never stops drip,’”’ Teddy said. Overall, Teddy’s fashion advice is to be confident in the clothing you wear because it can elevate your style to a whole new level.