Boys B Basketball Rebuilds 

In the Middle

The middle school boys B basketball team has had a very energetic season complete with kids who just wanted to play and compete this year. Throughout the winter, this skill building team had so much fun, finishing with a record of 3-2.

Coach Matt Kocay would be the one calling the shots for the team this year like many other years. Coach Kocay has been at KO for 20 years, coaching at pretty much every level. “I did either high school basketball or the A team so I’ve done the B team a couple times here and there but it still is a great time,” he said. Coach Kocay has fun no matter what sport he’s coaching. 

Through all of Coach Kocay’s experiences he has discovered what coaching style would work and what won’t. “With the B team it’s more of trying to get them to understand where they should be basketball wise. How quickly it’s gonna go and it has to go from being fun to being really serious or you won’t be able to play at the high school level. I take it on as a big job… to educate kids on how hard you have to play to be at the next level,” he said.  

Eighth grader and team member Nolan Pendergast only had good things to say about playing for Coach Kocay this year. “He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing for. In basketball [and] football. He disciplined people, but always making sure we are having fun. I think he’s a great coach,” he said. The eighth grade veteran stood out as a great utility player for the team this year.  

Eighth grader Wade Crowther served as the team’s soul this season. “The energy with all the boys this season was electric and we got after it every single day, ” he said. This was Crowthers first year of playing competitive basketball. 

Even though most of the boys on the team will be looking to play at higher level next season, the boys B team will benefit every year from Coach Kocay’s mentoring.