Community Service Temporarily Suspended

In the Middle

Community service is unpaid work that benefits people and organizations in the community. It could mean helping out at places, volunteering for a special project in school, or doing something positive to improve neighborhoods. At Kingswood Oxford, students can volunteer at farms, bingo at the old folk homes, soup kitchens and many more helpful and exciting activities to help the West Hartford community. 

English teacher and advisor Mrs. Beth Repp is the head of community service at KO and has been for seven years.. Mrs. Repp believes in the importance of this important program. [“Students] would get to meet new people and have the experience of helping and working with people you usually wouldn’t get the chance to work with,” she said. According to Repp, due to Covid students have missed the opportunity to enjoy community service.  Despite COVID, Mrs. Repp has high hopes for spring time and believes that if we are lucky, Community service may be able to start up again this year. 

Eighth grader Leo Kollen has been doing community service for almost seven years. “I was in the cub scouts program in the first grade and have helped out at school,” he said. Despite contributing his time to help the West Hartford community out of school, because of covid, Leo has not been able to help at KO due to the temporary halting of community service. Leo’s favorite activity is helping out at old folks homes. “I meet up with a lot of people I know and volunteer at elderly homes with them,” he said.

Eighth grader Brigette Russell has been at KO since sixth grade and has enjoyed doing community service as much as she could up until Covid. “In sixth grade I helped out about four times before Covid hit,” she said.  Brigette recalls in sixth grade going to the Auer Farm in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and being out in nature. For two whole years, students at KO have not been able to help out at all because of the deadly virus. 

Community service plays a significant role at KO by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones, meet new people, and learn to help out in the West Hartford community. Hopefully as Covid starts to die down, kids can get the same community service experiences as they did before.