Girls B basketball enjoys season

In the Middle

The Kingswood Oxford girls middle school B basketball team has had a super fun season this year. However the team is looking for more victories next year since ending the season with a 1-2 record. However, with enjoyable teammates and great coaches, this team is looking up.

Coach Katherine Nicholson has been coaching this team for a while and loves every minute of it. “It is one of my favorite things to do,” she said. Seeing the immense improvement throughout the season always makes me so happy,” she said. 

Eighth grader Riley Anderson helped lead her team to a 1-2 season. “We lost our first game to Ethel Walker, then we lost again a very close game to Hopkins. At our last game of the year we very happily brought home a 25-5 win against Renbrook,” she said. 

Seventh grader Adrianna Cicchiello enjoys being on this team and all of her teammates. “It’s a pretty good relationship between all of the players, we all get along really well and everyone is always happy together,” she said.

After not being able to play games last year due to Covid, the team and coaches were very excited to play this year. “It’s really nice to have games again because it really makes us feel like a team again,” said Coach Nicholson. 

The girls B basketball team has great team chemistry and have had a great time together despite not always coming on top in their games. The team is disappointed that their eighth graders are leaving, but excited to get some new talent next year from the rising upper preppers.