Bridgerton season two review


The second season of the Netflix Original Series, “Bridgerton,” was released on March 25, 2022, over a year after the release of the first season. The well-loved series by Julia Quinn was first reimagined as a TV show by Chris Van Dusen in 2020, earning high reviews from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes. These high ratings were well deserved, as the show’s engaging plot and interesting characters kept the audience on the edge of their seats until the very last minute.  

“Bridgerton” takes place in the short but luxurious Regency Era, which occurred in London, England from 1811 through 1820. During this time, the aristocracy, a group of wealthy people who lived under the Queen’s Court, aimed to keep their wealth between themselves. This aim led them to view marriage as a business deal rather than an act of love. “Bridgerton” delves into the details of the marriage competition during the time period and the drama that encircles the town.     

The show tells the story of high society London in the early 1800s through the powerful Bridgerton family. The big castles, the beautiful gowns, and the love story the show tells give viewers a window into a time period centuries in the past. In each new season, one of the eight Bridgerton children’s stories is told. The first season focused on Daphne, the oldest daughter of the family, making her debut into the marriage market of the Regency Era. The second season, however, focuses on Viscount Anthony, the eldest child of the family.  

Although I prefer the first season to the second, the newest addition to the series is binge-worthy and entertaining. The new main character and the love story that ensues made for eight episodes of drama and gossip, both key features of the London lifestyle.

The second season continued the mystery of the anonymous writer under the ghost name “Lady Whistledown.”  Although the unknown journalist’s identity was revealed to the audience at the end of the first season, the town, especially Eloise Bridgerton, continued to tackle the task of unmasking the unidentified writer.  

In the second season, Antony Bridgerton is caught between two suitors: a practical option who would carry on the Bridgerton name, and a woman he loves. The season focuses on the love triangle between Antony and the two women, and this creates suspense for the decision he ultimately has to make.  

Although the love story in the second season lacks some of the details and exciting plot twists of the first season, it creates a deep and meaningful story unique to the first one. The characters are engaging, and the narration of the story puts the audience in the shoes of the main characters, leading them to ponder what decision they would make if they were put in Antony’s shoes. In the end, the show has been successful in creating a period drama that leaves you wanting to know more.  

The show contains all the qualities of a good romance: a suspenseful meet-cute, a rivalry between love interests fueled by conflicting morals and big egos, and the long-awaited confession of love. Even though components of the story are at times predictable, the parts as a whole make for a well-written and produced season.