Johnny Kung sings with heart 


Since coming to KO as a sophomore, junior Johnny Kung has certainly made his mark on the community as a strong singer and avid contributor to the performing arts at KO. He joined Concert Choir, and at the end of his sophomore year, he auditioned for both Crimson 7 and Outlook, where he sings as a tenor. 

Johnny has been singing since he was in middle school, starting when he lived in Hong Kong. He took mandatory music classes and would sing the school anthem in front of the class. “Our music teacher thought it was a good idea to put me in the school choir,” Johnny said. “It was my first time really singing in a choir, and I have come to enjoy it.” Throughout middle school, he was in various choral groups, and after coming to the US in his freshman year, he continued to sing as part of a concert choir. 

When Johnny started singing, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. “I didn’t know how to read music or how to actually sing. I was just following what the other people did,” he said. Through working with different directors, he has learned and developed good techniques to improve his singing skills. “At the beginning of this year I actually made a pact with myself to take every audition opportunity to make myself more confident,” Johnny said. He went outside of his comfort zone and auditioned for the Regional and All-State Honor Choirs, and was accepted into both. 

Johnny, along with two other KO students, went to the Hartford Convention Center for the All-State Festival. “We rehearsed 12 hours in total in those three days,” he explained. “Although it was a lot of work, it was one of the best music experiences I have ever had and it was amazing to be in a choir of 200 talented singers who are all very enthusiastic about music.” 

Johnny’s favorite part of being part of any choral ensemble is the relationships he has been able to form. He said it is an amazing way to meet new friends and talk to people who share similar interests as him. “It is also a lot of fun to be in Outlook and Crimson 7 because of how cohesive the groups are. It is also wonderful to work with Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Baker, and they are very passionate about what they do,” he said. Johnny truly values the work that his teachers put into teaching him. “Mr. Baker is passionate about what he teaches and brings so much energy to the groups and it is obvious he loves what he does,” he said. 

In Outlook and C7, they are working on polishing their pieces for the May 13, performance night. Similar to last year, it is going to be an outdoor performance. After being unable to hold both a winter concert and WIAF, Johnny is looking forward to finally being able to perform for his classmates and other members of the community. 

“I have grown to enjoy music a lot, especially singing,” he said. “I can hardly imagine giving up singing in the future.” Since Johnny is a rising senior, we are looking forward to him taking more of a leadership role in various ensembles and enjoying the remainder of his time at KO!