Player of the Moment: Stella Dodd 


In her third year on the girls varsity tennis team, junior Co-captain Stella Dodd has been an excellent role model, a reliable player, and a coachable athlete.

Dodd is an active United States Tennis Association tournament player and has played tennis for a considerable time. Her favorite part about the game is the variety of play that each match brings. Dodd has to practice all of her skills prior to matches, and she must be adaptable in her style of play during her matches. 

Head Coach Ronald Garcia believes that Dodd is dedicated to the team. Her personal aspirations never conflict with her genuine enthusiasm for being a captain and a committed team player. “Stella wants to be part of a strong team that can compete in the Founders League,” Coach Garcia said. “I couldn’t ask for any more from Stella in terms of her commitment and approach to our tennis team.”

Dodd has been a reliable player for the team, as she is the No. 1 singles player. “I enjoy playing for KO because Coach Garcia creates a great environment for the team, and we are all supportive of each other,” she said. Her commitment to the team is felt during practices and matches, where she works hard and hopes to be a role model for the younger players. 

Her skills and work ethic make Dodd a strong presence on the court. She is always looking to improve her game. Coach Garcia compliments the tremendous amount of effort she puts into every match and practice. “Stella is an extremely strong tennis player with grace and creativity in her game,” he said. “She can hit with power, slice, and topspin. She can put the ball away from both sides and has a strong will to win.” 

Senior Co-captain Amrita Natarajan believes that Dodd has helped the team develop and start the season strongly. As seen through their recent wins, Natarajan and Dodd’s collaborative leadership has most definitely impacted the team. “Stella is incredible,” Natarajan said. “She pushes me and others to give it our all whether we are competing in matches or just playing ‘Up Up and Away’ during practice.” 

Like Natarajan, Junior Abby Baier believes that Dodd is an excellent team player who motivates those around her. “I would describe Stella as a very steady and consistent player,” she said. “She is always purposeful with everything she does during a match. As a teammate, she motivates everyone on the team to do their best and is a great supporter.”

Dodd’s enthusiasm and dedication to the girls’ varsity team are continuously shown through her performance in practices and matches. She is thrilled that she can compete and loves cheering on her fellow teammates. Dodd looks forward to continuing to be a motivating captain and can not wait for the rest of her season!