Shield and Dragon’s positive influence on the greater KO community


According to our Shield and Dragon manual, Shield and Dragon’s mission is “to serve as student ambassadors on behalf of Kingswood Oxford School in welcoming and acclimating prospective families, current families, alumni and other guests to our community.”

The benefit of a tour from a student rather than an adult in the community can be the make-or-break for prospective KO students. Throughout the year, Shield and Dragon tour guides provide a new set of eyes for incoming students to see our school through. 

When a prospective student is getting toured by someone who is around their age, they may feel a stronger connection and a greater sense of comfort when asking questions about teachers, sports, and everything else that KO has to offer. It also provides these prospects the opportunity to meet other students and classmates before the year begins so that they will have already formed connections.

I never received a tour from a student when I was applying since it was during the height of the pandemic. I was so looking forward to receiving a student led-tour as my older sister, to this day, continues to rave about the tour she received and the person who led it. 

To help new students learn more about KO and all of the fun that we have, there could be a few games throughout the year that prospective students could be invited to. This way, they could meet some other incoming students while at the same time seeing how much our community loves coming together for sports and other activities. 

In my opinion, one of the most beneficial things that can be done to encourage students to register at KO, is to keep in touch with them after their tour. Providing them with a student they can talk to and ask all of their questions to can be a very helpful and encouraging thing that can be done.

As an incoming freshman, I, along with others, obviously had many questions. Providing possible new students with a list of current students that they could reach out to during both the application process and also once they get accepted could be very helpful. It gives them the opportunity to ask all of the questions that they have while getting honest and hopefully helpful answers from the students.

KO already does such a great job of onboarding students and families. I feel like these new ideas could only enhance the amazing work that Shield and Dragon is already doing.