KO Says Farewell to Ms. Farrell


Over the past four years, Middle School math teacher Megan Farrell has been a key member of the KO community. As both a coach of the girls varsity swim team and a teacher of math in the Middle School, her impact is seen across KO. We will bid her farewell this summer as she embarks on a new journey: attending graduate school at the Columbia University Teachers College.

Ms. Farrell received her undergraduate degree from Providence College in Providence, R.I. During her time at Providence, she majored in both elementary and special education with a core focus in math, and she graduated in 2016. These studies both allowed and inspired her to pursue a career in education and teaching math. She has always enjoyed math as a subject and knew that she would like to pursue it in her future. Ms. Farrell taught at the Rectory School in Pomfret, Conn., a junior boarding school, prior to teaching at KO. 

One part of KO that she has loved is the math curriculum as it allows for students to collaborate with their peers. “The math department is awesome,” Ms. Farrell said. “They’ve helped me learn so much during my time here.” She not only enjoys interacting with the students, but also being able to learn from both them and her fellow colleagues. 

Along with teaching middle school math, Ms. Farrell has been a strong coach for the Upper School swim team. “Just seeing all the girls improve is one of the best experiences,” she said. Throughout all of the long meets and tiresome practices, she has been able to form strong bonds with the girls. They have become some of her favorite parts of KO and have created core memories for her.

Senior Allie Wildstein agreed that Ms. Farrell’s impact will be everlasting. “She is one of the most loving, caring, really good chocolate chip cookie baking, loudest cheering coaches and teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing,” she said. “She will be nothing but missed in the Middle School and by the varsity swim team next year.” 

Her roles in both the Middle and Upper Schools have allowed for her to have a broad impact on the KO community. Ms. Farrell hopes to see both her students and swimmers take advantage of the opportunities that they are given. “This school is all about relationships,” she said. Ms. Farrell can’t wait to see her students develop strong bonds and connections throughout their journey at KO.

Starting next fall, Ms. Farrell will be attending graduate school at the Columbia University Teachers College. During her time at Columbia, she will pursue her Master’s Degree in Private School Leadership. 

Throughout her journey at KO, Ms. Farrell has made a lasting impact on everyone she has interacted and connected with. Although Ms. Farrell will certainly be missed, the impact that she has had on KO will be felt for years to come. We can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes at both Columbia and in New York when she moves there in the fall.