Kinney YouTubes


When given the freedom of summer vacation, most students spend their time watching Netflix, playing games, or even sleeping in. However, junior Jack Kinney decided to spend his time pursuing more creative interests – forming his own YouTube Channel with his younger brother Patrick Kinney and his friend Sam Betit. His YouTube channel, YWBontheroll, is among 23 million creators on the website.

Jack said that he created the channel to give people a good laugh. “We made it during the summer because we had a lot of time on our hands,” Jack said. “We were inspired by a different YouTube channel, Noahmadesmk, a channel much like ours. Their channel is just a bunch of regular kids doing funny stuff, and we try to be somewhat like them.”

As of now, YWBontheroll has uploaded four videos within the past two months with another video coming around Nov 20. Currently, with 3,700 views and 75 subscribers, the channel has become quite popular for one that has just recently been created. Jack’s goal for the end of the year is to achieve 350 subscribers and 7,500 total views.

Becoming a YouTube creator is no easy task, especially when having to juggle school work and extracurricular activities. The arduous process of creating videos first starts with a bit of planning, then filming with a GoPro rigged to a tripod, and lastly, editing the videos via iMovie, which Jack described as very difficult and time-consuming.

“The hardest part of being a YouTube content creator is finding the time to do all of the shooting, editing, and keeping the viewers engaged,” Jack said. “It’s hard to during the school week, so our group tries to find time on the weekends when we don’t have lots of work to do. It is also hard to make sure viewers like the videos you make; they are either a hit or a miss.”

Being a YouTube creator has also taught Jack much more than just how to edit videos.

“The main thing it has taught me is patience,” Jack said. “After many long hours of editing, it is easy to quit or give up just because of how bad the editing really is, but I have learned not to give up, even when I don’t get something good out of it.”

Jack said he feels the time and effort is definitely worth the result. “I love having my channel because it is a fun way to express things that I think are funny,” Jack said. “I also like trying to make others laugh and with this channel, I can do that with a wider audience.”