MS Field Day replaced by trips to Boston and Adventure Park

In the Middle

Almost everyone who goes or has gone to KO, student or faculty, knows of the Middle School Field Day, a day where middle school students go out to the turf field and play a bunch of games, trying to earn points for their team. However, this year, the middle school faculty decided to have Form Two  take a trip to Boston and Form One  and Upper Prep spend a day at The Adventure Park at Storrs in Storrs, Connecticut instead of having Field Day. 

Many students were confused about the decision as to why they were going on these trips and not having Field Day. The students definitely had some opinions on the matter and fortunately, Assistant Director of Middle School Kathy Dunn was able to explain why they made this decision.

Ms. Dunn stated that Field Day just wasn’t really going to work this year and that it is forming into something possibly new. “So I don’t know that it was so much a decision to get rid of Field Day and put something else in its place but it was more that this is something that we feel like we need to do. I don’t know if we are going to give up two days of classes and so we decided what we need to do this year for these kids at this time was to provide this kind of an opportunity for them,” she said. “Field Day isn’t gone, it’s just changing into something new with possibly the high school being involved with it,” she added.

Though many people love Field Day, eighth-grader Samit Virmani didn’t mind taking a trip to Boston. “I thought the trip was really really exciting especially because we [went] to a lot of places a lot of people in our school didn’t expect us to go to during the school day and I honestly [had not] been to Boston in a while so it [was] good to get out there and see what’s going on. I would rather have these trips instead of Field Day,” he said.

While Form Two  was in Boston, Form One  and Upper Prep went to The Adventure Park in Storrs, a ropes course that features many courses and challenges and is fun for all. Form One  Dean Anastasia Quinn who went to The Adventure Park in Storrs with the students, really enjoyed the trip.  “It was amazing. It was so much fun. We all got to spend time together. Some students tried new things and challenges. We all shared this fun experience together and it really helped us grow as a group,” she said.

While Field Day is loved by all, the trips taken this year on May 6, 2022 were definitely enjoyed by the people who took them. With these trips replacing Field Day and possible involvement with the high school in future Field Days, the future of Field Day looks promising and fun for everyone.