MS softball makes do with fewer players

In the Middle

This year’s KO middle school softball team is off to a slow start with a 0-1-1 record.  The team tied their first game 12-12, and lost their second, making this season difficult for the middle school girls. 

The team has struggled to field enough players to make practice, and even games possible. Head coach Stacey Tomkiel has done a good job working with the team and trying to help them improve and learn the steps of the game. “The biggest challenge is having a practice and being able to practice the actual skills, because we can’t have a full field of players as well as batters” she said. “It’s been interesting trying to find a way to have people bat and run and learn the plays without having enough positions filled.” Struggling with enough players has been difficult for everyone. 

There have been ups and downs within this year’s season, but for eighth- grader Sofia Garza, this year’s season has been several months of progress. “What I look forward to most is the end of the season, because I know that we will see how much we improved on, and it will be fun to look back at the end of the season,” she said.

For girls like sixth-grader Kenlee Gardner, softball is her second nature; it wasn’t even a thought of hers to not  play softball this spring. “I decided to join this team because I play outside of school so it’s a go to sport, and because there aren’t a lot of people on the team, I wanted to help out and have fun,” she said. She worked to make the season enjoyable and also one of positive growth for her teammates.

Even though the girls softball didn’t have a winning season, they managed to have fun and improve in the process, making this season enjoyable for everyone on the team and the coaches as well.