Seniors Celebrate Prom Under the Stars


On Sunday, May 22, the graduating senior class of 2022 came together for their prom night held at the Delamar Hotel in Blue Back Square. As one of the culminating events of the year, the seniors had a wonderful night as they were able to dress up and spend time with one another. Although the senior prom does not have a determined theme, this year’s unofficial theme was “Under the Stars.” 

The senior prom was organized by a group of senior parents who have already worked with one another to organize other events, including the prom invitation breakfast. Form Six Dean David Hild was additionally involved in the planning of the prom. Mr. Hild was primarily involved in giving advice and support, considering his prior experience in planning school functions. Because of the tireless and continuous support and effort of senior parents and volunteers, the senior prom was a success. 

When planning the prom, various factors were taken into consideration including the venue, food options, DJ, and other essential elements involved in school dances. Furthermore, it was a concern for the organizers that senior prom would not be able to be held in a venue off-campus. This was due to COVID safety concerns, especially considering last year’s senior prom was held on KO’s campus. Luckily for the seniors, the Delamar Hotel was chosen as the event venue. 

The location of the Delamar was the reason behind its appeal. This new venue allowed for new traditions to be built during the senior prom. After the long-lasting tradition of prom pictures on the Senior Green, instead of boarding buses and being transported to the venue, seniors walked to the Delamar. 

This provided a unique opportunity for seniors and allowed the prom organizers to save money, which meant more could be spent on the decorations. “There were things about the prom this year that were a little bit grander or are nicer because we didn’t have to rent buses to get to the venue,” Mr. Hild said. 

Seniors gathered on the senior green to take photos at 4:30 p.m. Shortly after, at 5:15 p.m., teacher-chaperones and the seniors walked to the Delamar. As soon as everyone entered, there were large jars filled with a variety of candy. Everyone was able to fill a small bag with candy as their sweet appetizers. 

Across from the candy station was a drink station that served non-alcoholic juice drinks with glowing blue ice cubes. These ice cubes flicked with blue lights and truly adhered to the prom’s theme. Later, dinner was served. Students had a choice between filet mignon or chicken or a vegetarian option. 

Creative arts teacher Katie Burnett attended the senior prom as a teacher chaperone. She enjoyed the event and the decorations surrounding the Delamar. “It was so beautiful,” she said. “It was so wonderful for the seniors to spend time with one another. I very much enjoyed attending this special event.” 

Mr. Hild believes that the senior class had a great experience because many families and students consider it to be a meaningful event of a student’s senior year. “It’s something that’s symbolic of finishing your high school experience,” he said. “I know for many people, it is a really important event.”

Senior Class President Allie Wildstein thoroughly enjoyed the senior prom. Since it is one of the last significant events for the senior class, everyone made sure to come together to have a celebratory and fun night. “It was definitely a sentimental event since this is the last dance all the seniors will be at together,” she said. “I enjoyed hanging out with friends and being able to dress up.”

While the end of the school year nears for the graduating class, senior prom was a night worth remembering as everyone was able to come together and have a night filled with lasting memories!