AOTM: Eve Repp


“For me, art is so therapeutic,” said senior Eve Repp. “I can just relax and get in the state, kind of like meditation.” For as long as she can remember, art has been one of Eve’s biggest passions. Whether it be with graphite, acrylic paint, or simply pen or pencil, Eve has found lots of ways to creatively express herself using her artwork. 

Her mom, middle school English teacher Beth Repp, has loved being able to watch Eve evolve as an artist throughout the years. “I always had paints and crayons and tons of paper at home so we would draw and make art all the time,” she said.

Even though she was already talented from a young age, Eve’s art really began to take off when she came to KO in the Upper Prep. She learned how to shade with pastels, creating more complex dimensions in her art. Her first pastel piece is still hanging proudly in her mother’s office today.

She comes from a pretty creative family; in addition to teaching English, Mrs. Repp loves using brightly colored fabrics as a medium for her art. Eve’s dad is an Industrial Designer who also happens to be really gifted with art. “She is definitely her own thinker though,” Mrs. Repp said. “Her artwork stops me in my tracks most days. She inspires me.”

When asked where she drew her artistic inspiration from, Eve immediately cited her mom. “As cheesy as that is, a lot of what I do is inspired by her,” she said. “Even the landscapes that I paint out of school are inspired by her, or just from little doodles I’ve seen her make before.”

A talented and multi-faceted artist, it’s impossible for Eve to choose just one of her favorite projects. She mentioned a series of faces done with watercolor, a painting of her living room, and a graphite drawing of a glass bottle as a few that stuck out to her. Mrs. Repp’s favorite is a series of eyes she drew with colored pencils during her freshman year.

“I think that when Eve makes art she’s able to get herself into a really good place,” Mrs. Repp said. “She plays music, gets in the zone and can authentically be herself.” Eve thinks of herself as a primarily right-brained, creative thinker, and making art is very therapeutic for her.

“I consider myself to be the luckiest and happiest recipient of Eve’s artwork,” Mrs. Repp said. “It’s hung on the walls of our home, and posted all over my Instagram account. I’m one proud mamma.”

We hope that Eve continues to share her amazing gift by continuing art as a hobby, and we wish her good luck next year in college and beyond!