Esports holds first tournament


The Esports team is relatively new to Kingswood Oxford, but they have been making great strides to enhance their program, evident in the first ever Kingswood Oxford Esports Tournament.

The Kingswood Oxford Esports Tournament (KET) has been in the works since this summer when Head Coach Ryan Brodeur first started developing this idea. With the help of many people, including Athletic Director Josh Balabuch, Assistant Esports Coach Kathleen DiSanto, and Director of Technology Dan Bateson, this vision was able to become a reality. 

The KET was held on Saturday, Oct. 1, in the field house as it allowed for ample space to hold all the equipment needed. Quickly the field house was filled with excited and eager teams from Conard High School, Hall High School, and East Hartford High School. These teams proved to be very competitive and a great way for the Esports team to improve and showcase their skills. 

The two games that were played at the tournament were “Mario Kart” and “Smash Bros.” These are some of the team’s favorite games to play and are exciting to watch. Many fans and spectators came to the field house to watch the first-ever KET unfold. 

Coach Brodeur discussed his excitement for the event. “I was really happy with the turnout of this event,” he said. “Many of the Esports families came to watch along with students who were passing through getting back from their sports games would sit and watch.” 

Spectators looked on as the Wyverns took on different opponents and dominated for most of the tournament. The team made it to the finals for “Mario Kart” and “Smash Bros.” but ultimately fell to East Hartford and Hall respectively. Coach Brodeur gave greater detail on the “Smash Bros.” tournament. “Hall has one really good player who totally changed their style of play from the morning to the afternoon, and we just couldn’t adapt,” Coach Brodeur explained. Senior Johnny Kung agreed with Coach Brodeur’s perspective. “While we were disappointed that we did not win,” he said, “It was a great learning experience for us, and we plan on taking what we learned from this tournament and working to improve on those aspects in practice.” 

Before the tournament, Coach Brouder had a couple of goals for the KET, one of which was to make connections with other schools. Senior Co-captain Will Jacobs believed the team was successful in this endeavor. “I thought the tournament was a great way to showcase our skills to a lot of schools at once,” he said. “The best part was that I got to meet new people who share the same love of esports as I do.” Additionally, Coach Brodeur wanted to create more awareness of Esports that would showcase the sport and the team, as they have a lot to offer. 

The 2022 KETs provided an amazing chance for players to have fun and compete together all while sharing their love of Esports.