Fashionista of the Month: Alexandra Lenarchyk


Freshman and model Alexandra Lenarchyk loves expressing herself through her clothing. Whether the outfit is chosen based on her moods or the seasons, she tries to implement details such as basic accessories and complicated textures every day. 

When getting ready in the morning, Alexandra finds that layers and small details are the most important when it comes to her outfits. “You may think that if there is a small detail in your outfit, no one will see it, but it always makes a huge change,” she said. Rather than picking ahead of time, Alexandra chooses her outfits in the morning to make sure that they match her mood for the day. 

Alexandra finds inspiration from a wide variety of fashion magazines along with her mother as she provides her with great advice and styles. 

Alexandra implements a lot of neutrals, specifically blacks and whites into her outfits as she finds that when layering and styling several different pieces, those colors always work nicely as a base. Some core colors in Alexandras outfits would be tans, beigies, greens, and reds. 

As it begins to get colder outside, Alexandra likes to implement patterned tights and sweaters into her outfits to add more of those small details that overall enhance  the look. 

When it comes to accessories, Alexandra likes to keep it simple and traditional. She wears pearl earrings every day along with simple bracelets and necklaces that all have meaning to her. 

Since Alexandra has been modeling for quite some time, she was used to being put in outfits chosen by someone else. This gave her the challenge of not really knowing what types of styles, clothing and overall aesthetic she enjoys the most or feels most comfortable in.

Now that she has more freedom with her independant style, she  always tries to make sure that her outfits allow her to feel confident and comfortable. “What you dress in really shows who you are as a person,” Alexandra said.  She also states how important  it is to allow yourself to be open to new trends and fashion styles as you never know what you will feel most confident in until you try.  

She likes exploring all types of fashion through different brands and trends. Some of her favorite brands include Anthropologie, Free People, Nordstrom, and All Saints. She likes having variety in her outfits, so shopping at stores that sell different things allows her to explore different styles in more than one way.

Alexandra believes that fashion can have a huge impact on your confidence, so one piece of advice she gives would be to stay open to a wide variety of styles as you should never judge a piece until you try it for yourself. “From my outfits, I want people to see that I can be very flamboyant with my style and that I am open to any ideas,” she says.

She encourages everyone to be bold with their outfit choices, and make sure that their personality can shine through their clothing whether it be through smaller details, such as shoes or jewelry, or even through bright and bold statement pieces. Alexandra hopes to inspire people to be bold in their outfits and take risks.