KO Hosts Senior Application Day


On Wednesday, Oct. 12, KO held its annual Senior Application Day as a way for seniors to work on and receive help with various aspects of their college applications. 

This event was organized by the College Counseling Office, with help from the English department and the Admissions Office. The day started out at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast for the seniors, while the rest of the day was devoted to working on different aspects of their application.

Seniors could either work on the written portion of their application, have a mock interview, or meet with visiting college representatives. “The major goal of this day was to help de-stress students with the whole college application process by giving them a day where their focus could be entirely on their applications,” Director of College Counseling Jami Silver explained. 

With help from the English department, seniors could receive guidance with personal essays or supplemental essays. English teachers took shifts, so there was always someone available for students who needed feedback or help editing. Seniors mostly wanted help with grammar and making sure their essays showcased who they really are. Not only was this great for students, but also for the English teachers. “I really enjoyed helping with more personal essays that showcased the whole student as opposed to more of the analytical essays I work in class,” English teacher Cameron Biondi said.

In addition to having to write many essays, interviews are a part of their application for certain colleges. In this case, the KO admissions officers were there to help by running mock interviews. These interviews were to help students have an idea of what questions they would be asked during a college interview. Also, it helped students think of ways to answer the questions that highlight what kind of person and student they are. 

“I typically like to ask questions that get to know the essence of the person, that go beyond what your GPA is,” Associate Director of Admissions and International Coordinator Michelle Kollen said. “I just really think these mock interviews are so important. It’s really great practice to think on your feet and a very important life skill.” Students felt like these mock interviews were very beneficial. “The mock interview I did was very helpful, and it taught me how to present myself to my college interviewer in a way that would showcase me and what I had to offer,” senior Epephanie LaBoy said.

While working on essays and practicing for interviews was one way for students to spend their day, they could also meet with visiting college representatives from Northeastern University, Union College, George Washington University, and many other schools. These representatives were a way for students to get a better sense of the school and receive some one-on-one time with the representatives. “The representatives’ visits were really great, and they gave me a chance to ask questions about the school and learn more,” senior Tess Chapman said. 

As many important college admissions deadlines are approaching, this day was a successful way for seniors to receive help and guidance with their applications.