KO Volleyball Teams Host Dig Pink Matches


On Friday, Oct. 18, Kingswood Oxford’s varsity and JV volleyball teams both hosted matches against Marianapolis Preparatory School in order to raise money for Dig Pink.

The charity partners with the Sideout Foundation in order to raise money for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, a type of cancer that spreads from the breast tissue to other parts of the body. Breast cancer is an issue that is often given less attention than it should receive. According to Komen, a breast cancer organization focused on advocacy and providing resources for breast cancer patients, it’s estimated that around 170,000 people in the U.S. are living with metastatic breast cancer. 

In order to raise awareness and fundraise to support breast cancer research and treatment, volleyball teams nationwide participate in Dig Pink matches every October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Kingswood Oxford, Dig Pink games have been happening for over 10 years, but this year has been the most successful yet.

Senior Co-captain Keira Sullivan described the team’s objectives for this year’s Dig Pink. “I think coming into this year, the team kind of focused on, ‘Okay, let’s actually use this event as a platform to make a difference and raise money,’” Sullivan explained. “And so one of our main focuses around the game this year was actually meeting our fundraising goals.”

This year, the team set a goal to raise $1000. People attending the Dig Pink games could donate through a QR code, or by pledging. “A person donating could choose a particular statistic from a player’s performance in the match and donate an amount for each number of that statistic,” varsity volleyball Head Coach Scott McDonald said, “so if somebody was pledging a dollar for every kill and somebody got 10 kills, then that person would be donating $10.”

These tactics proved effective, as the team was able to exceed their fundraising goals. Junior and member of the varsity volleyball team Ava Cashman suspects that part of the reason fundraising was so successful this year was due to the fact that the team was no longer restricted by COVID protocols. “We were really able to put full force into organizing, fundraising, and having a really successful Dig Pink match,” she commented. Cashman also added that the community’s response to Dig Pink helped push the event even further. 

“I think our turnout at this year’s match was amazing,” Cashman said, “and even disregarding the number of people that came to support and the amount of pink we decorated the gym with, we definitely raised the most money this year.” Coach McDonald agreed, noting that this year’s match has been the most successful that he’s seen during his time coaching the varsity team. He mentioned that the two captains, Sullivan and senior Co-captain Jill Plaut, were the ones who organized most of the event.

Overall, the Dig Pink match this year was amazing. The team raised over $2600, which is $1600 over their original goal, and additionally, both the varsity and JV volleyball teams won their matches against Marianapolis. The Dig Pink match and the passion put into it by both the volleyball teams and the KO community was truly inspiring, and the money raised will be donated to an amazing cause.