Ocho Cafe never fails to please customers


Ocho Cafe in Bishops Corner is the Mexican restaurant that everyone needs in their lives. From the welcoming atmosphere to the delicious food, Ocho Cafe is a great restaurant in West Hartford.

The food is high quality and never fails to be flavorful. My go-to is their chicken quesadilla which comes with guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. I could eat that quesadilla for the rest of my life because the flavors and ratio of chicken to cheese are perfect. 

Ocho Cafe Dining Room – photo credit Open Table

I also enjoy their chicken and steak fajita combo which is full of flavor. Ocho Cafe offers chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetable, and salmon fajitas; however, there are different combinations of all of them. I love how customers can customize which meat they want in their fajitas because it makes it more personal. All of the fajitas come with vegetables, tortillas, cheese, and an array of different toppings. I personally like the steak fajitas the best because the meat is always cooked perfectly but I also love the chicken as well. 

My parents’ go-to is their tortilla soup which my mother says, “has the perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth ingredients.” It is served warm and is full of flavor. There is something for everyone at Ocho Cafe because the menu has many different options like chimichangas, enchiladas, South the Border Features, and Ocho Bowls.  

Photo credit – Annabelle Jacobs ’23
Photo credit – Annabelle Jacobs ’23

Not to mention, Ocho Cafe has table-side guacamole which is a fun touch. They also have a salsa bar that contains all different types of salsa from mild to very spicy. This is a great aspect of the restaurant because it gives the customers freedom to try different salsas with the warm chips provided. My personal favorite is their queso, which is warm, has a good consistency, and has a delicious flavor. 

Ocho Cafe has great service and each server is welcoming and patient. The ambiance is spectacular, making the restaurant seem lively and exciting. The walls are painted blue, yellow, and red, and the art on the walls adds to the lively atmosphere. Additionally, they have great outdoor seating, which allows customers to enjoy the warmer weather.

Ocho Cafe Dining Room – photo credit We-Ha.com

On Wednesdays, the restaurant hosts a Mariachi night where a Mariachi band performs for the customers. The band, with around six people, plays right in the middle of the main room of the restaurant. Each member of the Mariachi wears a traditional outfit with a sombrero, and each member plays a different instrument, all adding to the vibrant songs played. The vibes on Wednesday nights are unbeatable, making the Ocho Cafe experience even more exciting. 

Ocho Cafe has four different locations, each one run by a family member or close friend of Lnoe, the manager for the West Hartford location. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lnoe about his experience running Ocho Cafe. His favorite part about running this restaurant is the customers because he values the nice environment they create. He loves how welcoming everyone has been. “You guys make this happen,” he said. “Without you, we are not here.”

Next time you are craving some high-quality Mexican food, Ocho Cafe is the place to go.