Seniors prep their college portfolios


As my fellow seniors know, it’s important to do anything you can to make your college applications stand out. Whether you play a sport, or even have an interesting hobby, anything interesting or different about you will always boost your application. Some seniors like Eli Brandt, Lucia Martinez-Castro, and Chayse Shamleffer, decided to take a creative approach to this process.

Eli and Lucia wanted to show off their mastery in the visual arts. Starting early and taking classes like Portfolio Prep with Ms. Burnett and Mr. McDonald put them on the right track. “It’s a nice way for me to put together all the art I’ve created during my high school career and seeing how far I’ve come,” Lucia said.

Even though they are both submitting visual art pieces, Lucia and Eli’s portfolios are vastly different from each other, and will express who they are in different ways. “Most of [my portfolio] is in printmaking,” Eli said. “A lot of students don’t work in that media before they go to art school. I use materials that someone wouldn’t expect.”

Meanwhile, Lucia decided to include a variety of her paintings, as well as a few other unique mediums. “I also have hyper realistic colored pencil drawings and graphite drawings,” she said, “and I think something that sets my portfolio apart is my crochet work.” After mastering the art of crocheting, Lucia decided to include three sweaters in her portfolio.

While some have decided to go the visual route, others, like Chayse, are able to showcase their talents through completely different art forms. Since she is applying to film schools, Chayse created a portfolio of three different films she has made throughout her high school career.

“I think something that makes my portfolio stick out is that I have a wide range of genres,” Chayse said. “I have experimental, narrative, and a documentary film to submit, so I think that is something that is going to set me apart from other applicants.”

The documentary, which Chayse is particularly proud of, focuses on a girl’s football league in her town. She decided to include it not only because it was well made, but because it had a strong message and emphasized values that are important to her.

Chayse is grateful to Mr. Scranton and Mr. Waldman for their help and support. “I put a lot of time into all of [my films], and they all represent my voice and my style,” she said. “I think if I had a little more time, I could probably refine them more, but I’m overall happy with how they are now.”

It is fascinating to learn all about the unique ways that KO students express themselves. We know that these colleges will be just as impressed as we are, and we wish these students all the best in their future endeavors!