Catching Up With the Class of 2022


As KO students are getting prepared for the midterm season, we’ve all established some sort of routine. We wake up, go to school, attend sports, and finally do our homework. But, if we take a moment out of our hectic days to reminisce, we see what the class of 2022 left behind. Beyond the physical reminders of their time at KO, like plaques and awards, they left behind memories that will remain important to the community for years to come. 

We sophomores can think back to our freshman year and remember passing these seniors in the hall, as they towered over us, growing close with our senior prefects, or looking up to senior leaders on our sports teams, praying not to embarrass ourselves in front of them. 

It’s hard to imagine that these “scary” seniors are now the little freshmen on their respective college campuses. Just like students around here, these former seniors have also fallen into a new pattern and new routine. KO Class of 2022 alum David Shi was excited to catch up and talk all about his new acclimation to college. 

David Shi is attending Williams College. The small liberal arts college is nestled in the midst of Williamstown, Mass. “Williams is much like KO in the sense that it is a smaller school, so it kind of makes it feel like a home away from home,” David said.

David is participating in a number of clubs and after-school sports, and his friends would describe him as a very well-rounded student. David says that it took him a while to get acclimated, but once he found a way to balance school and fun, he felt that he was able to start getting the most out of college. “At first, like every college student, I went through a little bit of a learning curve,” he said, “but once I learned to prioritize my mental health and academics, I found that I had a lot more time to spend with friends.”

Someone who also had to go through a period of adjustment upon her arrival at college is KO News’ former Editor-in-Chief Emma Levinbook. Emma is attending Cornell University, located in Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell has a much different campus feel than that of Williams. For starters, there are about 15,000 undergrads, and the big campus size was quite an adjustment for Emma. She went from attending a small private day school, where everybody knew everybody, to a school where it would just not be possible to get to know everyone. 

Eventually, Emma came to terms with this fact and formed a close group of friends. One of Emma’s favorite college memories is something that most people might take for granted. “My favorite college memory is sitting on this hill on campus and watching the sunset,” she said. She is excited about being able to grow and develop at college. 

Both Emma and David have now fully acclimated to their new life at college, but both were more than glad to reminisce about their high school years. Much like the rest of us at KO, they have now settled down to a routine. David and Emma are proof that it is so important to find balance in your routine and enjoy your high school years because they won’t last forever.