Midterm De-Stress


With midterms around the corner, we all feel the stress slowly creeping up on us. It is no secret that this time of the year is especially stressful for every KO student. Even though most of us make the conscious choice to suppress the stress and go about our day, there are a select few that find healthy ways to cope and deal with their stress. 

Sophomores Jenna Kanaan and Alyssa Tousignant both say that in addition to the stress of everyday life, they feel the stress of midterms looming. They both make conscious efforts to emphasize the importance of finding healthy coping mechanisms during this stressful time.

When does stress become a problem? Stress becomes a problem when it significantly affects your ability to function physically and emotionally. Chronic stress, if gone untreated, can have detrimental impacts on your health, which is why these students make sure to implement healthy coping mechanisms in their daily life. 

Alyssa says that with the pressure kids are under today, it is easy to find yourself becoming overwhelmed. She says that going to a college preparatory school, the pressure is even more apparent on campus. When Alyssa gets overwhelmed or feels herself getting anxious, she turns to the comfort of her pets and music. “When I get stressed, something that calms me down is spending time with my dog, Cello,” she said. “I also enjoy listening to relaxing music. I often find that Taylor Swift has a way of soothing my nerves.” Those coping mechanisms she has developed have proved to be helpful more than once. Alyssa is not alone with her heightened feelings of stress with midterms approaching.

Jenna said that she does feel a heightened amount of stress during this time of the year. “I am more stressed, but I would not say that it is bad enough to the point where it affects my physical health,” she said. 

Some healthy coping mechanisms that help Jenna relieve some stress are spending time with her family and friends and watching movies; she also highlighted the importance of physical activity. “When I get super stressed out, I like to hang out with my friends and spend time with my family to remind me of the important things in life,” she said. Jenna’s favorite TV series is “Grey’s Anatomy,” and she has noticed that when she feels stressed, she enjoys just sitting back and watching the juicy soap opera.

This time of the year can be mentally straining for many students, but it is important to remember to take care of yourself and your mental health. So when you feel that the stress in your life is making you feel uneasy, take inspiration from these students and find ways to relax and unwind – your body and mental health will thank you for it. Due de-compress some stress Jenna Kanaan is also bringing in therapy dogs next Friday, so if you find yourself stressed, or overwhelmed go to the entrance of Roberts Theater.