MOTM: Jacob Joseph


Throughout his time spent at KO, senior Jacob Joseph has explored a variety of musical interests, including singing, beatboxing, and listening to different genres of music. As a baritone singer in both the Outlook and Crimson 7 ensembles, Jacob has been able to develop his love of music over the past few years.

Since middle school, Jacob has been in choir with Mr. Mitchell and was encouraged by Mr. Baker to join Outlook this year. “I got to know Mr. Baker best in my sophomore year and since then our relationship has grown,” Jacob said. “He taught me that you want the notes to sound good, but it’s also about having fun, having a good time, and getting along with the people around you.”

Both Mr. Baker and Mr. Mitchell have had great influences on Jacob since seventh grade. “Mr. Mitchell has been my choir teacher for forever,” Jacob said with a smile. “And he’s a great guy. I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s been an incredible teacher.” 

In high school, Mr. Baker was the first to teach Jacob the ins and outs of life in an acapella group. “Everything that he’s taught me, whether it’s vocal techniques or just fun traditions that our group has, has been so helpful and important,” Jacob said.

Because he always enjoyed listening to music, Jacob naturally became interested in singing as a child. “I had to do some sort of music when I was in middle school, and I never really knew how to play an instrument too well,” he recalled. “I’ve loved singing and the relationships I’ve developed because of it. It’s never been something I’ve thought about leaving.”

While he doesn’t expect to make a career out of it, singing is a hobby that Jacob feels extremely passionate about. “It’s a hobby that I really throw myself into,” he said. “It’s not just something I do every now and then. It’s really important to me.”

Aside from singing and beatboxing, another major interest of Jacob’s is basketball. “I love everything about it. Watching it, playing it, and talking about it,” he mentioned. Along with this, he also values spending time with family and friends. “Spending time with friends could be bowling, or it could be poker night, or anything like that,” he said. “Just spending time with the people I’m close to is important.”

Jacob acknowledges that music plays a vital role in his everyday life. “[Listening to music] is all of my car rides,” he said. “It’s a huge source of joy.”

In his sophomore year, when the COVID-19 pandemic had its biggest impact on school activities, Crimson 7 wasn’t as enjoyable to Jacob due to the fact that it was held in Alumni Hall and masks were required to participate. “I didn’t enjoy myself that much, but now I look forward to every Tuesday night, and being in a room of great people and doing something that I’m super excited to do.” Jacob looks forward to continuing his musical career at KO during the remainder of the school year.