Player of the Moment: Gavin Griffiths


In his fourth year on the KO boys varsity basketball team, senior small forward Co-captain Gavin Griffiths has been an excellent role model, a reliable player, and a coachable athlete.

Griffiths is an active AAU team player and has played basketball since he was in kindergarten. “They are a team out of Boston, and I credit that team and those coaches for everything I have,” Griffiths said. “They pushed me so hard over and over again for me to be who I am today.”

Griffiths loves everything about basketball, from practice to games or watching people play. Griffiths has to practice all of his skills prior to games, and he must be adaptable in his style of play during games. 

Unfortunately, Gavin missed a lot of his 17u AAU season last spring because of four different fractures in his face. This setback taught him everything about perseverance, as it caused him to drop in the national rankings. . “When it happened, I didn’t know if I was gonna play again, so just that I went through that, makes me appreciate basketball so much more now,” he said.

Head Coach Brad Seaman believes that Griffiths is dedicated to the team. His personal aspirations never conflict with his genuine enthusiasm for being a captain and a committed team player. Coach Seaman thinks that Griffiths impacts the team because he provides incredible leadership. “He has seen the toughest of tough competition and knows what else is out there,” he said. “He brings that into our practices. He brings that knowledge and that culture piece to our guys to let them know that there are really talented players out there. Sometimes we all believe we’re doing our best, but there’s more in the tank, and he’s around that culture so much, so he always brings that to us, and he pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves.”

Griffiths has been a reliable player for the team and a very supportive teammate. “I enjoy playing for KO because of the bond I have with my teammates and coaches, and the environment in the gym on game days,” he said. His commitment to the team is felt during practices and games, where he works hard and hopes to be a role model for all the players. 

Senior guard Co-captain Chase Fountain believes that Gavin impacts the team in so many ways. 

“He’s a leader, shooter, point guard, and big man for us; he’s also another coach for all of us,” Fountain said. “He brings so much extended knowledge to all of us because of all his past basketball experiences.”

According to Coach Seaman, Griffiths’ best quality is how he demonstrates an unmatched work ethic. “He is a leader by work and also by results,” he said. “He puts in countless hours on his body with yoga and skill work, and all kinds of things that are outside of the box thinking in training, and he’s the definition and proof that hard work pays off. There’s nobody that works as hard as him and there’s no surprise that resulted in him being in the top 35 players in the country.”

Fountain credits Griffiths for being able to shoot the ball at a very high percentage. “He has amazing leadership and a great ability to lead by example because of his talent and warm personality,” he said. “Gavin is great friends with everyone on the team but he can also play a coach role for the team because he hates to lose and he knows how to win.” 

Next year, Griffiths is headed to Rutgers University to play Division I basketball for the Scarlet Knights men’s basketball team and is ecstatic about continuing his basketball career in college. “I’m excited about college because it’s been my dream since I was young to play DI basketball, and being able to see that in my future is super rewarding,” he said.

Griffiths’ enthusiasm and dedication to the boys’ varsity basketball team are continuously shown through his performance in practices and games. He is thrilled that he can compete and loves cheering on his fellow teammates.  He and his teammates can not wait for the rest of their season. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his basketball career at Rutgers University next season!