Rosa Mexicano 


On Oct.  26, Rosa Mexicano opened its doors in Blue Back Square. The new addition to Blue Back is located across the street from Cheesecake Factory, in the space Bar Louie used to occupy.   The restaurant has over 10 locations across the country; however, this is its first location in Connecticut. Rosa Mexicano claims to offer high-quality Mexican food and, “an elevated fiesta experience.” After eating at this restaurant in New York, I was excited to try the restaurant again now that it has opened a location in West Hartford. The excellent food and elegance were consistent throughout both restaurants.  

Considering I went pretty early in the evening, the restaurant was relatively empty when I went compared to the usual crowd. Walking into the restaurant, the aroma of freshly cooked meals being prepared in the kitchen flowed throughout the dining area. Because the restaurant was nearly empty, the service was extremely quick and our food arrived within minutes. The waiters and waitresses were friendly and quick to give recommendations or in-depth descriptions of any meal.  

The stylish atmosphere is also a good addition to the restaurant. When walking through the center, it’s hard to miss the bright pink awnings lining the perimeter of the restaurant. The color scheme is carried throughout the restaurant’s dining rooms and bar, which is bathed in bright pink light. Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed a water wall, which depicted the Acapulco cliff divers.  

One menu item that stood out to me was the guacamole en molcajete, which is made by the waiter right next to your table. The mix-ins and spice level is customizable, and the experience of watching it being made is unique to this restaurant. The end product was outstanding, as well.  

The diverse menu has many different options including enchiladas, tacos, and other dishes. The tacos come with your choice of protein: ahi tuna, chicken, shrimp, and even a vegetarian option. They also offer other dishes such as salmon pipan, roasted chicken, and chile relleno. There is also a lunch menu that includes different types of salad, nachos, and more. In every recipe, the chefs utilize fresh ingredients and pride themselves on their high-quality food.  

Compared to other Mexican restaurants in Blue Back Square, Rosa Mexicano goes above and beyond. If you’re used to restaurants like Chipotle, I recommend trying Rosa Mexicano to experience the delicious food. 

The price point of this restaurant is higher than most others in the area, which could be a drawback for some customers. For example, three tacos could cost anywhere from $12-19. These prices are considerably higher than Bartaco, for example, where three tacos would cost around $10 for similar quality.  

If you’re willing to overlook the slightly unjustified prices, Rosa Mexicano offers a wonderful dining experience with a wide variety of menu items to choose from. I recommend trying this restaurant at least once because it has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the center. Rosa Mexicano is a unique dining experience that perfects the idea of elevated Mexican cuisine.