MS Football makes the most of a short season

In the Middle

The Kingswood Oxford Middle School football team had a less-than-ideal season this year, competing in two games their entire season. The lack of games prevented this talented group of young men from showing their skills and competitiveness. Eighth-graders Colton Zahner and Nicholas Seymour, shared their disappointment with the lack of games played, however, they still enjoyed the season due to the great coaching of Head Coaches Matt Kocay and Duncan Insuik. “I really loved playing and being around both my teammates and my coaches,” Seymour said. Coach Insuik stated that the football team’s success was due to their work ethic. He also expressed disappointment at the lack of games played but was happy with the team’s effort, nonetheless. 

In game one the team encountered an experienced Rumsey Hall team. While the game was a 28-6 loss, Coach Insuik said that he liked the fight that the team had throughout the game. Zahner felt similarly, naming a few hard-working players who were instrumental throughout the game. “I thought Connor Budzik, Ben Smith, Ethan Gingeleskie, and Seymour were the team’s leaders and the team’s best players,” Zahner said.  The team’s second game was a whole different story. The team played a less-skilled Hopkins team. In this game, four different players scored touchdowns: Seymour, Budzik, Gingeleskie, and Smith. The result of this game ended up being a 38-16 win. Coach Insuik stated that the best part was that all of the players on the team had a chance to go in the game. Coach Insuik said that the highlight of the game was when sixth-grader (position?) James Wedeles tackled the extremely tall tight end on the opposing team.

The last game that was supposed to be played against Hopkins was sadly canceled due to the bus breaking down on the way to pick up the KO team. While this was disappointing for everyone, the coaches said they were happy with how the season went. Seymour and Zahner both said that the team’s most improved players were seventh-grader Jack Morris, eighth-grader Ashton Binalla, seventh-grader Jace Brett, and eighth-grader Andrew St. Clair. Eighth-grader Nico Seymour also said that the team’s offensive leaders were Budzik, Gingleskie, and Smith. He said the defensive leaders were Zahner and Budzik. Overall, the coaches and players were happy with the team’s performance and sense of unity but wished they had gotten more chances to play.