Annual Accepted Students Day a success


On Wednesday, March 29, KO welcomed around 60 students and their families to campus for the Upper School’s annual Accepted Students Day. A similar event was held on Tuesday, April 4, at the Middle School.

When admitted students received their admissions decision on March 10, an invitation to this event was included in the welcome letter. Senior Associate Director of Admissions Meredith Crowther noted that there was communication with families beyond the save-the-date. “We do a lot of follow up from [Head of the Upper School] Dr. Gleason, and from admissions,” she said. “Coaches are also reaching out and letting them know about that date.”

Families have until April 10 (one month after acceptance) to submit a final decision on enrollment. “The goal is for students and families to really get a feel of the school,” Mrs. Crowther said.

Many members of Shield and Dragon, KO’s group of student tour guides, were asked to help with the event, but the Admissions team was looking for any and all volunteers, as well. “We have some people on the student panel, we have kids holding doors,” Mrs. Crowther said, “and others bring students and parents to different areas of campus for different segments of the program.”

Sophomore Claire Palmer volunteered as a representative of Power of Women, a group that connects female-identifying members of the KO community to promote change and sponsor leadership opportunities. “I got to tell them about what the club does and how we make an impact on the community,” she said. “I’ve been pretty involved in Power of Women this year, and my perspective might be helpful for admitted students.”

Students were able to attend mock classes throughout the day taught by physics teacher Kathleen DiSanto, science teacher Graham Hegeman, English teacher Heidi Hojnicki, English Department Chair Catherine Schieffelin, and Director of Theatre Kyle Reynolds. It goes without saying that these teachers’ dedication and connection to KO’s newest students will only continue to grow.

Students were able to learn about other aspects of student life near the end of the event. “At the end of the program, we had a sampling of student clubs, as well as a lot of our afternoon activities,” Mrs. Crowther said. “This included all of the varsity athletic coaches, as well as our performing arts groups.”

All in all, the day provided accepted students with an opportunity to see what it’s like being a part of the KO community. “Having a variety of perspectives is really helpful to students coming to a new school,” Claire said, “especially hearing from other students who have the same interests as you.”

KO extends a warm welcome to all incoming students, and hopes that this year’s Accepted Students Day program was an exciting, engaging, and unique experience for all!