Senior Farewell: Jordan DiMauro


After three long years of working on the KO News staff, senior Jordan DiMauro is grateful to reflect on the impact she has had. Serving as Editor in Chief in her final year, she brought passion, skill, and hard work to the table every single day.

As Head of Opinions last year, Jordan knew that she wanted to continue growing as a writer, which is what initially interested her in the position of Editor in Chief. “My brother was also Editor in Chief during his time here,” Jordan said, “so it was a sort of sibling rivalry that helped influence my decision.”

Jordan describes her experience on the KO News as hard work yet rewarding. “It was a huge time commitment,” she said, “but something that I really enjoyed doing.” She believes that it also taught her a lot about herself and her writing, and she would do it all again if she had the chance. 

Focusing more on political pieces and world events during her time on the staff, Jordan said that she always liked political writing, both as Head of Opinions and in her history classes. “Although a lot of the ‘Wyvern’s Tale’ editorials were mainly about KO events, I wanted to talk about things that were important to me while relating them back to the KO community,” Jordan said. There were also a lot of major political events that took place in the past few years which greatly inspired her pieces.

When she took the journalism class her freshman year, Jordan said she was terrible at writing. Her time on the KO News taught her how to stick with something that is difficult and persevere through challenges, regardless of whether you like it or not in the moment. “It could become something that you end up really liking in the future,” Jordan said. 

A special memory from her time working on the paper was News Day last year with the old staff. She thought that writing their farewell articles and learning more about the experiences of Emma Levinbook, last year’s Editor in Chief, was a great experience.

Jordan’s advice to future writers is, no matter what, stay true to what you are interested in. “Don’t stray away from what you want to do just because it doesn’t fit in the box of what you’re supposed to be doing,” Jordan said, “If you are very passionate about something, make sure to stick to it because it will be worth it in the end.”

The KO News staff wishes Jordan the best of luck as she embarks on her academic journey at George Washington University in the fall!