Senior Farewell: Sophie Glazier


After working on her own personal column, “The Record Room,” for the past two years, senior Sophie Glazier reflected on both her column and experience on the KO News. 

After taking the journalism elective as a sophomore, Sophie began writing “The Record Room” at the start of her junior year. Writing this column, she was able to express herself in a new and creative way. “It talks about what the community, teams and just anyone at a random moment may be listening to,” she said. 

Recently, she has reviewed team playlists. Along with finding out what people are listening to, she also features people in the community who are making music. “It’s pretty diverse within the realm of music at KO,” she said. 

During her time on the news, Sophie’s favorite piece that she has written was her review of the varsity boys basketball team’s playlist. “It was a little out of my comfort zone since it wasn’t music that I listened to,” she said, “so it allowed me to explore new songs and genres.” 

When she was younger, Sophie played the clarinet and found that she lost touch with it during Covid, so has loved the way that this column has allowed her to get back in touch with music. “It’s one thing to be like ‘I like the music I listen to,’ but I think it’s so much more interesting to really analyze what makes a good song and what makes a playlist good,” she said. 

We wish Sophie the best of luck as she continues to Union College and we look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes!