Artist of the Month: Abby Baier


Senior Abby Baier is no stranger to photography. Serving as the Managing Photography Editor for the KO News for three years, she brought her own personal touch to every newspaper issue through interesting and unique photos.

Abby began experimenting with photography when her parents gave her a camera in her sophomore year. “It was so amazing to go through a stressful day of school and then have photography class at the end of the day,” she reflected. “It’s a really calming and relaxing way to express my ideas creatively.”

As a member of the KO News, she was able to find a role that perfectly balanced both creativity and discipline. “It was fun taking photos as an associate, but I wanted to have more of a leadership role,” she said. “With art, there is not a lot of discipline; there are no deadlines. But with the deadlines of the KO News, I found the perfect role for me.”

Abby also reflected on how KO itself has been essential to her artistic journey, and truly helped her fall in love with photography. “KO was basically the reason my love of photography blossomed,” she said. “Mr. Scranton has been really pivotal because he’s my photography teacher and advisor, so it’s helpful that I can always go to him if I have any questions.”

Although she has never particularly been drawn to painting or drawing, Abby mentioned that art in general is a very important aspect of her life. “It’s a really calming force in my life,” she said. “In school, you’re expected to do well and you’re critiqued on your work. But with art, it’s just an expression of yourself. You can do whatever you want and it can still be amazing; there are no limits or pressure.”

Throughout her time as a photographer, Abby has picked up many valuable pieces of advice for other artists, including the ability to find beauty in the mundane. “You don’t have to take the perfect phot because art isn’t perfect—art is messy,” she said. “When I was younger, I thought there had to be a perfect moment to take a photo; it had to be a beautiful sunset or something. But you can take photos of ordinary things and make it beautiful.”

In the future, she hopes to continue to pursue art as a hobby. I definitely want to explore photography in college and maybe take a few classes,” she said. “I’m really hoping that I can find something similar to thread or KO News where I can be a part of something bigger in my college community.”

Abby has had such an amazing, positive impact on the KO News itself and on everyone she touches in the KO community. We wish her the best of luck in the future!