Artist of the month: Katherine


From graphites to digitals, senior Katherine Mikaelson showcases her artistic talent in many ways throughout campus. Her love for art started at the age of five, “There was just something about a blank piece of paper that I found so attractive and intriguing,” Katherine said. She started to explore the different aspects of art with blank pieces of paper. “I wasted so many pieces of paper from my mom’s office to make art” she said.

     As she began experimenting with art, she started explore digital arts. Her favorite place to make art is Procreate App on the iPad. The editor or procreate says, “Procreate lets you generate high-caliber artwork at a blistering pace using a robust layering system, stunning filters, and thousands of importable brushes.” This app allows her to observe new techniques and approaches of arts. “Digital arts give me so many options to play around with colors, mediums, and styles,” Katherine said.

     One of Katherine’s favorite type of art is graphite drawings. “I love graphite drawings and have done a lot of those, I usually mix colored pencils with graphites to create an ‘un-done’ effect,” she said.

      One way that helps Katherine feel inspired is meditation. “Most of my inspirations come from meditations, I feel most inspired when I am completely tuned in, relaxed, and free from any to-dos,” she said.

      Some of the people who have had the chance to see some of Katherine’s pieces raved about her art. “She is an extremely talented artist and I have been super impressed with her art,” said senior Mia Seymour.

        Senior Maeve McDonald was also impressed by her art. “I have noticed a few of her pieces around school and they always come out amazing.” she said.

Senior Nell Schwartz agreed, “Her art is mesmerizing and always grabs my attention,” she said.

    Art teacher Scott McDonald worked with Katherine in his painting class and on her portfolio this past year. “She’s a very talented and creative two dimensional artist. She did some beautiful paintings in my class as a sophomore, and most impressively, she constantly makes her own artwork outside of school,” he said.

     Last year in printmaking, Katherine did a linoleum print of Castiel; a character from the television show supernatural. She was granted the “CT Scholastic Art Award Honorable Mention In Printmaking” for this print.  Katherine plans to continue her love for art past high school. “I definitely plan on doing art after high school, but I haven’t considered making a career out of it,” she said.