Boost Bowls Review


On May 17, 2023, Boost Bowls opened its doors in West Hartford center. After receiving success in both Bethel and Newton, they opened their doors at this newest location on Farmington Avenue, bringing a new level of health food to West Hartford with its diverse menu featuring smoothie bowls, protein shakes, boosted smoothies, and a combination of wraps and sandwiches.  

With both outdoor and indoor seating, this new eatery provides a quick place to grab food on the go or hang out with friends. The upbeat music and colorful decorations inside match perfectly with their food: colorful smoothies, fresh fruit, and unique options unlike any restaurant nearby. They include vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options as well. After ordering, it took me less than five minutes to receive my bowl. The vibrant interior invites customers to eat in, but there are options to order ahead and pick up, and even an app for convenience. The decor is clean and energetic, and space is large enough to accommodate a small group of friends.  

Their smoothie bowls are definitely the key aspect of their menu. They offer a variety of toppings, ensuring that each bowl is truly unique. While they offer classic toppings such as fresh fruit, peanut butter, and coconut, they also offer more distinctive options such as pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, and agave. Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of base options including acai, pitaya, blue majik, avocado, and banana. The variety of toppings allow customers to be creative when ordering, another highlight of this location.  

Their smoothies, protein shakes, and juices stand out from the competition due to their bright colors and unique names. The pink dragon boosted smoothie and the glow juice, which are hot pink and neon orange respectively, are perfect examples of eye catching drinks available at Boost Bowls. Although I wasn’t able to try a smoothie, I was definitely impressed by the variety of options available, and I will hopefully return to try one soon.  

The food options include a variety of toasts and sandwiches, making it the perfect spot to grab lunch in between classes. Customers can customize their food options, carrying on the theme of creativity.  One stand out is their Pb&B, a new twist on a classic sandwich; this includes peanut butter, banana, and apples. They also offer many wraps and salads on their menu.  

When I received my bowl, it was towering over the top of the container. My simple acai bowl was elevated by the unique granola dispersed throughout the bowl and the natural ingredients used. The staff was friendly and provided good customer service. The bowl only cost around $12, which is comparable to similar places in the area. Most of their food options range below $10, making it an affordable option for students in the area. For the quality of their food choices, the price is exceptional.  

I would recommend Boost Bowls for anyone looking to find a new restaurant in the center serving a variety of healthy food choices. I will definitely be returning in the future to explore more of their expansive menu. Overall, Boost Bowls is a great new addition to West Hartford center.