Boys varsity tennis finds success this season 


With a record of 4-10, the boys varsity tennis team has faced some tough competition this season. However, the team has continued to work hard and improve their skills, showing a true commitment to the sport. 

At the start of the season, the team set several objectives for themselves, including improving their skills over time, putting in the effort during practices and games, displaying good sportsmanship, and winning the matches they were capable of winning. 

The team has done well in meeting these goals, specifically with winning the matches that were within their power to win. “We had two matches that were both winnable and reasonable, and although they were very close, we managed to win one against Chesire, while unfortunately losing the other against Kent,” Head Coach Andrew Krugman said. “In the other matches, I believe we were clearly the stronger team, so a loss in any of those would have been disappointing. However, we also faced several opponents who proved to be too deep and too strong for us this year.” 

In addition to winning the closely matched game against Cheshire, the team has seen success in the individual performances of their players. During Spring Sports Day, senior Captain Will Jacobs, who played the number 3 position, had an extremely close match. “It was truly a marathon match with very long points,” Coach Krugman said. “However, Jacobs ultimately won 10-7 and his game won us the match.” That same day, freshmen Pratt Blair and Ciaran Concepcion came from behind and won their matches 9-7. 

Apart from the individual and group achievements, the team’s strong bond has also played a significant role in their success. “The team has great chemistry,” Jacobs said.  “A couple of us came from squash, so we were already friends, and many of the players are in the same grade. I would say that everyone on the team gets along really well. No matter who you’re playing with or practicing with, we all have fun and support each other.” 

Along with their impressive team chemistry, several other factors have contributed to the team’s success this season. However, their biggest strength, which is also their weakness, is their youth. With only two seniors on the team, the underclassmen have the opportunity to develop their skills and grow alongside the team. However, this also means that the team has less experience. Nevertheless, the younger players have stepped up and shown a lot of promise for the future, improving their skills throughout the season and demonstrating a strong work ethic. 

The team has also had successes in various prizes. This year, southern New England coaches voted Jacobs as the receipent of the sportsmanship award. Jacobs additionally won the Most Valuble Player award and the Four Year Award. Freshman Pratt Blair won the Most Improved Player award. Lastly, Freshman Ciaran Concepción was awarded the Coaches Award. 

 Overall, congratulations to the boys varsity tennis team on a great season and best of luck to the seniors.