Fashionista of the Month: Leo Kollen


Being comfortable in your own style and finding what makes you feel the most confident is essential. For freshman Leo Kollen, his fashion and style allow him to express himself while showing off many different styles and colors. 

In regard to the different stores that Leo likes to shop at, he finds himself normally drawn to American Eagle, H&M, and Uniqlo due to their wide variety of options and colors. 

When choosing an outfit, Leo likes to make spontaneous decisions based on his mood and the weather. Knowing that he’s going to feel confident and comfortable in his outfits is very important. “I love playing with colors and monotone outfits, so being able to choose specific color pairings based on how I’m feeling is really nice,” Leo said. 

The core colors of his style change with the seasons, favoring earth tones in the fall and winter, and brighter colors such as greens and blues in the spring and summer.

For staple pieces in Leo’s closet, he finds that it’s really the textures that make up his style. “I really enjoy corduroy, especially in the winter, along with floral patterns,” he said. “I love being able to play around with different textures and shapes in my outfits so that they have more movement and all look a little different.”

Recently, Leo walked the runway for thread’s Fashion Show, “a common thread,” benefitting The Village for Families & Children on Friday, April 21. “It was amazing having Leo walk the runway and be a part of the thread editorial staff this year,” said junior Ava Cashman, founder and Editor-in-Chief of thread. “His personal style shined through on the runway and his positive energy was contagious.” On the runway, Leo wore a maroon button down over a white top, coupled with tan pants and a pair of sunglasses.

“Discover your fashion not from others, but from yourself,” Leo said. He encourages everyone to find their own style for themselves as having your own individual style can help you in so many different ways.