The indispensable vacation


As the school year comes to an end and summer vacation begins, students prepare to wind down for the three months of summer before the next school year begins. Some people wonder if summer vacation is necessary. However, it is plain to see that summer vacation is a vital part of life as a student. 

One of the main benefits of summer vacation is that it gives students a chance to relax between school years. Instead of enduring the usual stresses of school for the entire year, summer vacation allows for a time when students can focus on themselves. Spending nearly 200 days a year in school, not counting weekends when free time is occupied with homework, can be extremely stressful for many students. A break is important for students to relieve stress since most are dedicated to at least 12 years of education. 

Summer is also not an ideal time of year to learn. Especially during the hot months, it can be hard for students to stay focused on class in the heat. This is why students should not have school during the summer. Instead of learning for three additional months, the time can be better spent enjoying what, in many regions, is a period of good weather, even if the time is spent inside. Many activities such as swimming in pools and going on beach trips can be done over the summer that can’t be done in any other season. Summer vacation allows students to experience these worry-free before they have to return to school or, for older students, are thrust into adulthood. 

During summer vacation, some students are sent to summer camps. For example, KO has its own Camp KO summer program for kids in third to 11th grade. At Camp KO, students can delve into a topic of their choosing from the various courses offered with a group of other students from different areas and ages. At camp, students can form connections with others and develop important social skills, on top of learning more about their interests. Because summer vacation opens up the availability for students to go to summer camp, it is highly beneficial for students of any age. 

Of course, not all students are sent to summer camp. Many spend much of their time at home, which is also positive. By spending more time at home, students can spend more time with their families. As students reach high school, they end up spending more conscious hours at school than at home. With the existence of summer vacation, students can reconnect with family and friends instead of dedicating most of their time to schoolwork. 

Lastly, summer vacation also provides students with the opportunity to travel. While many choose to stay in the country, some travel internationally during summer vacation. Whether for just a few days or an entire month, students gain invaluable experiences through travel. Even unintentionally, students can learn more about other cultures simply by traveling. Learning about and experiencing other cultures can benefit all people, allowing them to become better at considering different perspectives.

Overall, summer vacation is an important time in a student’s life. It allows students to experience many different things, such as traveling, social interaction outside of the classroom, relaxation, or simply more time at home. Without summer vacation, students would no doubt be more stressed and may even miss out on pursuing what truly interests them. Summer vacation is essential to a student’s life.