KO Says ‘Vale’ to Latin teacher Ms. Cassidy


After beginning at KO in the fall of 2017, Middle School Classics Department Chair Sam Cassidy has taught a variety of different classes in both the Middle and Upper School. Some of those classes consist of Latin A through C in the Middle School and Latin 1 in the Upper School. 

Throughout her time at KO, Ms. Cassidy has impacted many of her students in positive ways as she provides a welcoming class environment filled with positive energy. “By far, the highlight of my days at KO have been the meaningful, silly, serious, and joyful interactions with my students,” Ms. Cassidy said. 

Freshman Kate Dempsey-Weiner, a current Latin 1 student, appreciates how encouraging and caring Ms. Cassidy is, both in the classroom and out of it. “Ms Cassidy is a teacher that makes me feel supported while also challenging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone,” she said. “She makes me feel cared for and makes me feel like my questions matter.” 

Similarly to Kate, junior Diya Mistri said she greatly enjoyed her time with Ms. Cassidy during Latin 1. “I loved having Ms. Cassidy as my Latin teacher freshman year,” she said. “She taught me so much, and she will be missed!”

Since coming to KO, not only has Ms. Cassidy been a Latin teacher, but she has also served as a Middle School advisor. “A recent favorite memory I have is watching my first group of seventh grade advisees graduate from KO last week,” she shared. She has greatly enjoyed being able to watch her students grow into young adults and find their passions over the past six years she has been with them. Along with forming strong relationships with her students, Ms. Cassidy has made many lasting friendships with her colleagues.

From her time at KO, not only will Ms. Cassidy be taking away many joyful memories, but also a sense of pride and confidence in all that she has accomplished. “I certainly wasn’t always perfect, but I chose each day to lead with love, and for that I am proud,” she said. “My time at KO has pushed me to be a better teacher, colleague, and mentor. I have learned so much about myself and about what I have to offer students in the Latin classroom.”

Although Ms. Cassidy’s time at KO is coming to an end, she has big plans for her future as she is expecting twins this fall. “I will be spending my time preparing for their arrival and enjoying the joys and challenges of raising them with my husband,” she said. 

Even though the KO community will miss Ms. Cassidy dearly, we look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes and watching her family grow.