Kingswood Oxford Visits Camp Merriwood


From Sept. 6 to Sept. 8, freshman students attended a community-building trip to Camp Merriwood in New Hampshire. 

Every year, students from sixth to ninth grade take a class trip at the start of the year. Each form travels to a camp and spends time outdoors, bonding with their grade. As high school commences, the freshman trip serves as a special memory to the students and faculty.

During their trip, the freshman spent time at English teacher David Hild’s family camp. While they were there, students got the opportunity to meet new students and form relationships. This trip helped build friendships that will last through high school and beyond. 

At Camp Merriwood, students were able to take part in a variety of activities, including hiking, swimming, and more. Freshman Tyler Berquist said that he loved the activities that he participated in, especially rock climbing, kayaking, and even hiking up Mt. Cube. Form Three Dean Matt Waldman added that the trip built a bond within the class. Through playing music, bingo, storytelling, water testing, ropes course, swimming, and many sports, relationships grew. Since there were so many activities, each student found something they could enjoy spending their day doing.

It is important for this trip to be at the beginning of the year, not only because of the nice weather, but also for the chance to build friendships before the year gets going. This is especially important for kids new to the Kingswood Oxford community. “I made a lot of new friends there,” Tyler said. “As someone coming to this school that is new and not knowing people, it was the best way to make new friends.” Tyler was very glad he had the opportunity to go on this trip and believed it paved a great path for the upcoming school year. 

Mr. Waldman believes students gain even more than just friendships through this remarkable experience. “We hope a sense of unity is built a little bit as a class and of course a connection to some of the faculty and the other people that are on the trip too,” he said. This emphasized the importance of this trip to the faculty as well. The faculty uses Camp Merriwood as a time to connect with their students as they begin to guide them through high school. 

Through late nights at the campfire, hikes up Mt. Cube, and swimming in the chilly lake, the experiences at Camp Merriwood are unmatched for Kingswood Oxford students.