KO says Bienvenue to Mr. Drew Snyder


Kingswood Oxford is excited to welcome Middle School and Upper School French teacher Drew Snyder to the community, as he brings his passion for the language. 

Mr. Snyder is enthusiastic about beginning his first full-time teaching position at KO. “I started taking French in the sixth grade, and I was inspired by my French teachers throughout school,” he said. “I felt like I had really found my passion.”  

At Vassar College, Mr. Snyder worked as a French drill instructor and as a Research Assistant in the French Department. After graduating from college with a B.A. in English and French and Francophone Studies, Mr. Snyder lived in Toulouse, France for nine months, teaching English. “By studying the language in-depth, I’ve learned that I have a deep passion for literature and film,” he said. French language studies have allowed Mr. Snyder the opportunity to forge valuable friendships, many of whom have become lifelong friends. Mr. Snyder credits French culture for expanding who he is able to connect with.

Originally from Washington state, when Mr. Snyder found KO, it seemed like a perfect match. “I love the community and the small classes,” he said excitedly. “The intimate size is perfect to make deep relationships with students.”

Not only is Mr. Snyder passionate about French language, culture, and film, but he also enjoys reading, hiking, tap dancing, and listening to music. 

Mr. Snyder is excited to learn alongside his students. “The faculty have been very supportive,” he reported. Kingswood Oxford welcomes Mr. Drew Snyder, and we are grateful that he chose to be part of our community!