Small State Provisions Review


In July, Small State Provisions expanded with a new location in Avon, where they offer a diverse selection of baked goods including sourdough bread, muffins, cookies, and a variety of coffee and tea options. Located on Old Farms Road, the newest addition to the bakery is much larger than the original location in West Hartford.  

While the bakery is renowned for its freshly baked bread, it also draws a dedicated following with its seasonally inspired baked treats. Among the sweets available at this bakery are chocolate babka, cookies, banana bread, cakes, and cinnamon rolls. In addition, hot and iced drip coffees are sold alongside espresso and cold brew coffees. At the newest location, visitors can watch the entire baking process and view freshly baked loaves being removed from the oven.   

When I first visited the Avon location, they were sold out of almost everything—a sure sign of their growing popularity. After grabbing one of the last blueberry muffins on display, I knew I had to return. The oat topping offered a nice texture, giving it more flavor than your average blueberry muffin.  When I made my subsequent visit, arriving a bit earlier in the morning, I was welcomed by an enticing array of freshly baked goods. After trying more pastries and their famous sourdough, Small State Provisions quickly became one of my favorite local bakeries. 

Although they are well known for their bread, their sourdough cinnamon buns are among their best-sellers. Only available on Saturdays, they sell out quickly, and for good reason. Adorned with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting and copious amounts of cinnamon, this sweet treat had lots of flavor. Unlike most overly sweet cinnamon buns, the sourdough base created a nice balance of sweet and savory that blended well together.  

Overall, Small State Provisions offered a wide variety of seasonal baked goods and coffee, granted you get there early enough. If you’re in search of a top-notch local bakery experience, Small State Provisions is undoubtedly worth a visit.