Form 4 enjoys fun, festive fall feast


On Thursday, Oct. 5, sophomore students gathered for an exciting class breakfast in the Conklin Library. Planned by Form Four Dean Tricia Watson, School Librarian Nancy Solomon, sophomore Student Government representatives, and Parent Association leaders Monica Gold (parent of Adam Gold ’26) and Jodie Sprague (parent of Gordon Beck ’26), the event kicked off the fall season with a form-wide celebration.

Mrs. Watson talked about the importance of the event. “The breakfast is special because it’s really an opportunity for us to break bread, be happy, enjoy the sunshine, sit with friends, and enjoy wonderful food,” she said. “We could just breathe and relax.”

Believe it or not, there have already been 44 school days since the start of the 2023-2024 academic year! The fall midsemester has come and gone. The sophomores certainly found a special way to recognize the time spent working hard in school so far. 

Sophomore Kate Dempsey-Weiner said that the event was unique because of the clear effort put into preparation. “A lot of parents volunteered, which was really nice,” she said, “They know how stressful school can be.” Sophomore and Form Four Vice President Olivia Pilecki agreed, and spoke to the effect of the breakfast. “The whole grade was able to gather together,” she said. “Instead of discussing upcoming events or schoolwork, it was kind of like a Form Meeting.”

Olivia elaborated on Mrs. Watson’s thoughts on how the event offered a time to spend time with friends. “Nobody really wanted to do anything except talk,” she said. “It was like a social hour in a way.”

Kate hopes that future events will include more of her friends, as many were unable to attend due to leadership training at the same time. “That can be hard to steer around, but there is always a conflict,” she said.

Sophomores can look forward to a similar breakfast in February with a Mardi Gras theme. Hopefully, it will be as much of a success as the October event. “Because who doesn’t like food, sharing of ideas, and supporting each other?” Mrs. Watson said. “It was amazing, and they loved it.”