Forensic Union showcases its talents


After school on Tuesday, May 15, Forensic Union held their annual culminating event called Speakers’ Showcase, an event in which Forensic Union members and officers deliver speeches and debate.

This event gave parents and friends a chance to come see what Forensic Union is all about. Leading up to the event, Forensic Union Coach Michelle Schloss expressed her excitement and anticipation. “I’m super excited,” she said. “We have had some very funny After Dinners this year, and they’ve only been able to be competed in a competition. So it will be really funny to see the audience reaction.”

Members of Forensic Union shared this excitement. “I always look forward to the Speakers’ Showcase because it is really a chance to show off everything that Forensic Union does,” senior co-president David Marottolo said. He also acknowledged that this will be his last. “I am excited, but it is a little bitter sweet knowing it’s the last Speakers’ Showcase,” David said.

However, while the seniors are leaving, a large number of freshmen are participating. “I think one of the most exciting things about [Speaker’s Showcase] was that we have so many freshman who are involved in Forensic Union this year,” said Forensic Union Coach Heather Wayne. “A lot of them are participating in triple speak and impromptu.”

Numerous members of Forensic Union participated in the Speakers Showcase. Junior Janvi Sikand delivered an After Dinner speech as Chad Magason, David delivered a persuasive speech on rare earth metals, sophomore Elan Stadelmann delivered an interpretive reading, and junior Dan Carroll delivered an interpretive reading that he brought to Worlds.

Sophomore Elan Stadelmann delivers an interpretive reading. Photo by Ali Meizels ’19.

Additionally, there were impromptu speeches done by junior Elise Gendrich, freshman Keegan McMahon, freshman Jane Liang, and junior Thomas Betts. There was also triple speak, an event in which a speaker must incorporate random words into an extemporaneous speech. The event is known to be fun and entertaining. “I didn’t really have a chance to come to the Forensic Union meetings this year, but I’m really happy I was able to make it to the showcase,” sophomore Alyssa Pilecki said. “Everyone who spoke delivered captivating speeches, and the Triple Speaks were my favorite part.”

Lastly, the event ended with the Senior Officers’ Parliamentary Debate with the resolution, “This house believes the ability to fly would be more helpful than the ability to turn invisible.” Co-President seniors Apara Kashyap and David faced off against senior Secretary Rob Downes and senior Neil Hemmani.

“I am just so proud of all of our Forensic Union members and officers and we will certainly be sad to see our senior officers go,” Ms. Wayne said, “but we are looking forward to the future of Forensic Union.” A large group of freshman members means that Forensic Union has a promising future.