Seniors celebrate seven years at KO


On Thursday, May 9, 14 seniors commemorated their seven years at KO by attending a special “seven year senior” evening event at KO. Organized by Dean of the Middle School Kathy Dunn, seniors reminisced about their middle school days, conversed with their favorite KO faculty members, and celebrated graduation with their peers. “The seniors can invite any faculty, teachers or advisors they want,” Dean of Students Will Gilyard said.

The evening began with a dinner in Mead Dining Hall. Seniors had the opportunity to invite faculty members from KO who had the biggest impact on them to eat dinner. “I sat with my parents, Nell and her mom, Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Chapman, and Mr. Gilyard, and it was a really fun table,” senior Lian Wolman said. “We reminisced about our memories over the past seven years, and it was very bittersweet.”

Senior Josh Lesham said he agreed this was a great part of the evening. “My favorite part was having the opportunity to reminisce about Middle School with all my old teachers,” Josh said. Senior Nell Schwartz said she also enjoyed dinner and thought the food was amazing.

The special speaker was Emily Solomon, daughter of librarian Nancy Solomon. She was introduced by Nell and delivered a speech described by seniors as “touching” and “impactful.” This was senior Molly Baron’s favorite part of the program. “She explained that eventually everyone will find their niche in the world; however, it could take some time,” Molly said. Afterwards, the group of seniors, faculty, and parents moved into Roberts Theater to watch a slideshow of pictures of all of them throughout their years at KO. “Seeing all of our pictures from sixth to 12th grade was so funny and cute,” Nell said.

Seeing their faces flash by made some seniors realize how fast their journey at KO went. “It was crazy to actually be at the seven year dinner because the past years have gone by so quick,” Lian said. “I can’t believe I am a senior and graduating this month.”

Mr. Gilyard described this event as an amazing, great KO tradition, and it seems like all of the seniors who attended would agree. Senior Eryk Jones is not only a seven year senior, but as a faculty child, he has been on campus for 15 years. “Being a seven year senior is a unique experience,” Eryk said. “Being able to share so many of the same memories with a small group of people is really cool.”

This evening also made the seniors realize just how much they will miss Kingswood Oxford. “I will miss the community feeling and small campus and how pretty KO is,” Nell said. “I will also miss the KO News and seeing my close friends every day.”

Molly echoed Nell’s thoughts about missing the people who make KO great. “I will miss my friends from the past seven and even four years as well as the teachers who have helped me prepare for the next step,” Molly said.